Raw Elements

Busy - busy weekend. Where is the Advil? My legs and back are killing me. Too much junkin' and too many times up and down on the ladder at the Barn. While I'm sorting through those pictures, I grabbed a few spare minutes to get this post out to you before my fabulous Raw Elements are sold out. Check out these table runner / rugs. Heavy duty. 3 different prints. Awesome.

style 1 shown on a table

style 2 on the wall so you can see the size.... I put mine on the end of my bed. It graciously covers my large white comforter. To my hubby's chagrin...."one more thing to take off of the bed."

style 3...one of them had to have a number!

I hope you all have a relaxing Sunday evening with your families and a productive upcoming week. I for one, have a large list....oh boy. L

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