funky jewels and funky friends

I started my day on Thursday with many surprises. First, a bouquet of beautiful flowers arrived in a fun grass basket, filled with sunflowers and funky greens. sorry no photo A birthday surprise from my sister, Sue, and her husband. A big" happy to you" was written on the card.
Then my first customer of the day surprised me with the purchase of a chandelier....out came the big ladder. As I was attempting to remove the chandelier from great heights, in walks my friend Ki, junk revolution/junk camp/junk bonanza/flea market style-need I mention more, who was happy to find me
in the thralls of business. And then, if the day couldn't get any better, my lovely guy in brown, brought funky jewels and my first batch of greeting cards.

We visited for hours...too fun, top secret ~ swear on my latest pile of junk ~ I'll never tell, girl talk.
As Ki checked out the Barn, I unpacked and checked out my new line of greeting cards. Soon we were both elbow deep in the piles of note cards....Ki was my first customer to purchase from my new line...she also had great marketing ideas...thanks sista! I can't wait to get them on the shelves. After our wonderful visit, I did get back to work, discovering the other box of goodies my man in brown delivered....Vintage jewels and new scarves:o)


...and J Crew...look out, the Pottin' Company now has the funky half the price.
~ o jane, o mustard moon, wherefore art thou...we only mentioned you once - well maybe twice ;0) in missing you ~ next time. L


summersundays-jw said...

Your shop looks great. I love the way you incorporate the new with the old. That's not always done well. Can't wait to see your cards. And you had a visit from Ki. Hope you had a great b'day (I'm assuming it was your b'day.) Jan

Junk Girl said...

Lori- those necklaces are ADORABLE! How much? Andrea

Junk Girl said...

Dumb me...I see now - I was so excited I didn't READ far enough! :) I'll be in touch! Andrea

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Love, love, love the scarves...and I am not even a "scarf girl" -- may just have to convert.

Looking forward to your secret news!

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