Sparkly, shiny, glass. We are attracted to it in all forms is okay, you can admit it. Whether it hangs from above, sits on a shelf or sits on your finger...WE LOVE the Sparkle.
The week here has been heavenly, sunny and high 70's ~ as usual for me, I have missed most of it...time to do some hard re-evaluation on my life. Moving at full speed and then hitting a bump in the road can make a person stop and take notice. How many hats can a person wear at once and still be fashionable after all. Uffda! Time to slow it down. More on this subject later ~ I'm sure we all feel this way every now and then.
Period new paragraph...meaning, in the land of ADD, my mind has gone onto another or back to the original subject. :0) Check out the newest arrivals. More sparkly glass bottles and some super - duper pillows.

isn't this one a must have

these pillows are from a fun new designer who also designed the bottles shown above

this one is from a local designer of a kind

Funky new floor mats. Heavy duty bamboo print rugs.

Fall open house / Halloween Premiere
September 11 - 12
Lots to do.... at my new slow pace. LOL


Gone2theBirds said...

Love crystals, the bottles are so gorgeous! The pillows and rugs are also so cute, I would put all of this in my home.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

OMG the bottles and pillows - LOVE and the necklaces in the prev post-- Too die for !!!! LOVE it girl!! Tootles, Janna

Layer it on. Change it up.

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