Labor day ~ happy to you

Labor day marks the official start to the Fall season ~hello fall~ here at the Barn. It is also a celebration for our work and families. I am dedicating this post to celebrate my new greeting card line. (c) lori miller vintage design. Yikes, can you believe better pinch, you better slap me. I surely must be dreaming. As of now, they are only offered here at the Pottin' Company; however, they are certainly easy to ship, and maybe soon you will see them at other venues.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do....

the very day I was to put them out for display I ran across this rusty metal - 3 tiered - too die for- perfect - display piece.

...did I mention I put them front and center... up by the register....I guess the owner does get some perks. hehehe

some over flow back in the card shop

they are also packed for gift giving 5/$6.95

one of my favs

love. love. love.


summersundays-jw said...

Love your new cards. If you decide to wholesale them, please let me know.

Unknown said...


So fun to meet you on Sunday! I am SO glad I made the trip to your store - I loved it! You have such a great eye and ability to create wonderful vignettes! I will be blogging about my visit this week - See you at the Bonanza! You should come to the blog party!!

Cheers! Jill

Cassie said...

Lovin' your cards Lori! Perhaps I'll wander by your store some day soon and purchase a few!

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