A potting company

Even though I am in full swing open house mode this weekend, I thought I'd squeeze a quick post in. I didn't have much time this week, but I had to get a few pots ready for the Halloween premiere....we are the potting Company, after all!!!

I only had time to do about 20 different pots in various sizes.

too cute...don't you love them???

My friend, Sue Wolfe, had time to pull together some great pieces for the open house. Her art work is done on aged metal and sells as fast as we can get it in the store.

Love these pumpkins.
Sue sells her art here at the Barn and this fall you can find her at the Junk Bonanza!!

Off to the store to put things back together after yesterdays festivities.
Our raffle is a set of the Jeanne d' Arc Living magazines.
...be sure to sign up for the painting classes held at the end of the month.
ttfn - Lori

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Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

The pots are adorable, The art work love and the Elm street sign in previous post id too die for...... Tootles, Janna

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