chickens and lavender and Jeanne d'Arc Living

Hello sunshine !!!

We had the Best weekend.

Out in the sun... cleaning out gardens...doing lawn work.

Funny how after the longest winter ever, lawn work is enjoyable.

It's crazy how this is the end of April.
I feel like we are waking after a long winters nap.

I have recovered from my Junk Market event. Actually, It wasn't bad at all, normally I am pooped for a week.  This week I have been energized and have redone half the Barn.
  Pictures soon....

The Barn is bustling with activity....Thank god. Things have been slow...
Finally, everyone wants to refresh their space... me too.
I've been cleaning at home and bringing in some spring HAPPINESS at my house too.

love my little pigs....

Jeanne d' Arc Living news...
I have more copies of the April issue...

unusual for me to have issues left but I do, and it is a good one.

 peek at a few pages ... 

.... and the new book is coming out.
I don't have my copies yet, but they are on the way !!!

call to reserve
or go to the online shop and order from there.

It features the best of the best from their past experiences with hunting down and RE-purposing vintage goods.

the next issue / May 2013 is also on the way.

this is the French cover...
 ( I will be receiving the English version)

it looks like it is going to be a great issue !!!

Alright, I'm off to the Barn....

Planning a May event.
I hope you can make it....

A Yard Sale... in the Barn

More news on that to come....

See you Soon.


the show on the road...

The ladies are on the road again....
I have quite the collection of vintage dress forms and normally they are NSF.
As you know.... not for sale.

Except when the show hits the road.
I like to bring four or five statement pieces.
The show.... Junk Bonanza.
First ever spring Bonanza and IT Snowed.... it snowed a LOT !!!
we got 12" the first day of the show...

will it ever end.???

Luckily, the snow didn't start until we were unloaded and set up.
We even had 4 GOOD hours of sales before the snow started and then it took another 2 hours before the crowds got scared over the driving conditions and everyone split.

With spring in mind.

We set up our space.... I say we because I shared my space this year with 3 friends.
Christine and Lori, friends from Michigan....Re-Treat Design
and Betty from Petunia's.

It was a blast and I didn't have to schlep as much product.
We had a great mix of Vintage product and a little bit of our own creative art.

fabulous birds and owls .... Christine

I dressed my ladies with a touch of the garden....

...of course my camera battery was low.... I cut out a lot of blurry shots but the more I took the worse it got.  ugh....

new Barn shirts....V-neck.... big hit

my trophy collection from home
(our first sale)

the spindles were strictly for drama but we sold them.... everyone loved them 

chickens, boxes, cases and sock monkeys.... who would of guessed....

the monkeys enjoyed the road trip but unfortunately, they went back home to Michigan....

my new line of vintage silver art 

The largest canvas 54" x 36" went to a coffee shop.... 
I am so excited to have it displayed in an public eatery

(sorry for he blur)

Betty brought this fabulous bird cage and head collection....

Betty also put together some fun fairy gardens with fun vintage pieces

overall, we had a blast AND sold a ton....

It was so nice to share a spot....I fit all my goods in Mr. Miller's Tahoe for the ride home.
You gotta love that!!

I made a few spring flower paintings for the show...
and a few for the Barn....

See you there... at the Barn.

Lori - RBPCo.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...