wheels are turning

My eye is drawn to wheels almost as much as it is to clocks. Clocks - especially round clocks, make me do the quick holding of breath. You know how it is...stops you in your tracks and you you inhale quickly...sometimes even squeaking with pleasure... Wheels sometimes do it to me too.

I think that is why I covet all rusty crusty bikes, trikes, wagons... its gotta be the wheels.

... don't you love the seat on this one also

I will hate to see him go.

I have just received some fun SUMMER purses... yep, you heard right SUMMER. I am ready for the sun and some fun.

bright and beautiful .... or brown heaven

yikes.... how can a girl decide

can you believe how fun these are....I only ordered 1 of each
Be sure to grab them while you can!

this clutch is mucho mucho fun....
after looking at this post I think I need some new shoes!

Random Color

After a long dreary rainy weekend we all need a little pick me up. A few posts back I promised you that I did indeed have bright vibrant color at the barn. I went through and took some random shots. It's funny because I am not much of a red person, but the red really caught my eye and they seem to be my favorite shots... after looking over the photos, I realized I didn't put in the greens... oh well, perhaps a later time, so much for a plan.
The Reds

love this chair... the bottom two steps slide in under itself...
the rust and the crust... she will not last long

the ants go marching one by one...
The Yellows

The Blues

like I said, random shots of color.
new week... new fun... lots to do

Take a moment

Pink and white.
Take a moment and reflect on all the people in your life that you love.
We are stopping all plans this weekend to head across the state into Wisconsin for Grandma Bert's funeral. Grandma Bert (Bertha) was my husbands grandmother, 89 sweet years of life.
She decided it was time, placed herself into Hospice and died comfortably in her sleep. If we could all be that blessed, to go on our own terms, in peace.
We are all wearing pink and white.... rest in peace sweet grandma Bert.

collections of junK

Just a quick post to share some of my fun junK photos.
One of my many projects that I am currently working on.
Photos for my vintage greeting card line.
Love this one above. LOVE.

junk on a plate

some stuff I have at home that has just been sitting around waiting for a
cute vignette

Ooh - la - la

This little tea pot is in perfect condition

can you tell I have a clock fetish...and a chippy fetish

Soon these will be available plus many more when my 2010 greeting card line is printed.
Also, a reminder, the home and garden tour is scheduled for June 05. Many of these fun finds will be for sale that day. More info? call the store and we will reserve your spot.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...