how does your garden grow

Can you believe these cute little suckers are candles.

my fat brown squirrel nestled right in the middle of the garden

some of the succulent candles come in their own little metal bucket

New art from a local artist, Laurie Bouta

.... love the detail. Everything is covered in a thick layer of bees wax.

cloches - Laurie Bouta, made from vintage finds.... plates, silver trays, old light globes, etc.

.... it's finally Friday, have a great weekend ~L~


Junk Girl said...

Very cool stuff Lori! Looks like you're keeping yourself occupied (ha) as usual! Take care and ENJOY spring!


Rock River Stitches said...

Lori, Love those little succulent candles! I would love to have some of those. Do you sell them?


countrycharisma said...

Love your stuff Lori. I used to have a shop in Ky before moving to TN 10 years ago. I had such great fun getting all the new cool items in every season and redoing all the displays. I can tell you love what you are doing. The candles are so great. carrell

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