Spring designs

It's one of those days.
Spring is actually not right around the corner, like it is for some of you.  We have a good two months before buds are blooming and the threat of snow is gone.  Tonight and tomorrow they are saying 8" - 16" of snow.
 Oh Well.

We have had it easy, we have had four days of teasingly warm weather, which makes me dream of Spring.  I was playing on the computer this morning...I tell Mr. Miller that I am Working on my computer...

Creating isn't really work, but productivity is considered work to him, and as I was feeling very productive... a good days work it will be.

I am really into black and white these days so I decided to start with a chalkboard background.

The one shown above and my Farmer's Market are the two I like the best.

What do you think....
-something for the wall
- card design
- a pillow cover

love. love. love.

- LM

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air.
I am in Minnesota and I can feel it.

For all you shop keepers, I hope you have the green plants growing within your displays.
It doesn't matter if you sell the plants or just set them out for a breath of fresh air.
This time of year ... it is a must.

The little green heads will bring a smile to your customers faces.

Even the little itty bitty ones.
I love them mixed in with as much gardening elements as available.
If you don't have any vintage pieces laying around, use natural elements like bits of mulch or little piles of dirt. All of it will inspire and make everyone who sees it feel good.

When you are at market buy as many little spring extras as you can.
These succulent candles came prepackaged together.
The package stunk and the price point was too high... not exactly what I remembered ordering at the time.
The only thing to do is Open the package and let the creativity happen....
...not to mention a little $4 candle is easier to stomach for some guests vs. $16 - $20 for the boxed set.

I used to get a lot of crap from my sales associates for the little bags of dirt I would mix into my vignettes. 
(at the very bottom of the picture)
 They were all priced...something silly like $2.95 a bag.
I don't remember if I sold any, but they were cute and people smiled when they picked them up.
They were Just a little extra for visual stimulation.
...like a stack of plates within the plants... my little bit of whimsy... something out of the ordinary.
(I am really starting to miss doing my vignettes)
(.. maybe someone in town needs help whipping their shop into shape...)

These recycled paper pots are some of my favorites.

This time of year it is fun to play in the dirt... definitely, indoor planting, but bits of green growth are invigorating.  
From one shop keeper to another, it doesn't matter if you have a brick and mortar shop, a booth or a pop up shop, get those plants and bulbs going.... 

- LM

check one off the list

Some things are just long over due.
Plain and simple as it is.
Sometimes, your mind works faster then there are hours in a day.
Because of this ultra fast mind thing, I believe there is a need for Lists.

There are mental lists, lists on paper, lists on the phone, iPad, computer and of course the old post-it note.   Everywhere and anywhere is my latest list.
You will not understand "the list" if you, yourself, are not a list person.
Mr Miller, for one, is not a list maker.  He does not understand why I, or anyone for that matter, has a need to make a list. 
... if you get-it you get-it, if you don't you don't.


Once upon a time, when time was really short, I worked full time at the hospital, ran the shop full time and tried to be creative on the side.... along with having a family and a so called social life...

Back then I had a private little list of what I wanted to accomplish if I didn't have all these things going on. The list was tucked away ... close, but not ready to present itself.  As you know, It has been over a year since I closed the brick and mortar shop and things have been a little quiet on my end. A little Instagram and a little Facebook but not much else happening.  As of the last couple weeks, the other parts of my life have settled in and I have found myself searching for more.

So just recently, my private list of things that were on hold, has surfaced.

The first thing on the list is to upgrade my camera...I haven't purchased it yet, but I have researched and finally made my decision. That in itself took some time and learning to use a new camera is a big step for me.  The second, is buying and learning a new photo editor system.
I am playing with it daily and I am having so much fun.
Why I didn't do this years ago....
I hope you noticed and like the new blog header.... did it all by myself !
...so proud !!
Also, the advertisement card, showing the new Farmhouse Series.
I think I like the blue boarder.

I'm so excited.
I need to go play some more while I have this hour of free time.

- LM

Choose Vintage

I finally have a few days off at the hospital.
When you do 8 or 9 days in a row, without a day off, you tend to look forward to time away.  The list of things to get done at home are long.
I am usually torn between doing something fun vs something on my list... meaning chores. 

Today, I thought I would do a little of both.
First, some fun photos from my living room.

I love my vintage - chippy mantel. I found it years ago when I was out shopping for the store - back when I had the brick and mortar shop 
I fell instantly in love... Mr. Miller, not so much... he went on a small rampage, "it is not coming in the house"

Well, we all know how that turned out. 
It fits and looks like it was made for this house.

Over the years I had many different things on and above the lovely mantle, but this look is my favorite.   

The collection of goodies on the bar cabinet are also some of my favorites.

...especially the wee little sheep. I love my sheep.

What do you have inside your mantle opening...

mine is simple... birch and books.

The website online shop has basically been closed for the last year but I am currently working on filling it with services and product. Stay tuned!!

Remember to Choose Vintage ~ LM

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...