M House - the trees

Good Morning.

I took enough pictures to do 3 separate posts featuring 3 different trees.
I planned to get them online before Christmas.
Oh boy, where does the time go...

Because it is after Christmas...I am putting it all out there...one post.

This one is my favorite tree / vignette this year....

I love the delicate feather tree with it's soft blush color.
loaded with ribbon, silvers, pinks, glass...
the pink deer
the white Santos
the ballot assemblage in the back ground....

Pinks and glass

in an earlier post I showed the tree bare but props in place...
... now loaded

pinks, fluff, pearls, metals...I even stuffed an array of small trophy's in the tree.

and lit up
...notice the candelabra under the branches

much more girly then I normally do...
but I like it

the mantle in the back ground

The last one ...

the last tree / vignette
the featured violin

lots of black and white in this tree

peace. love. joy.

Now that we are heading into the New Year stretch...
The Barn is a flurry of activity
...guests in with gift cards and Christmas money.

And, of course, the after Christmas SALE
50 % off all Christmas decor

let me tell you a flurry of activity.

Jeanne d'Arc Living News
I still have copies of the Hard cover Christmas book
A touch of France... 6 copies left (in store or ship)
November issue .... 1
December issues .... 4
January 2013 ...just arrived ...6 copies left

We will be open regular hours up to New Years day and
then Closed January 1

Have a safe and Happy New Year everybody


Merriest Christmas...

The parties, the wrapping, the good will and good cheer....

I hope everyone had a wonderful... wonderful Christmas this year.

At my house my entry is small...
You have to enter single file and walk back towards the kitchen.

But that doesn't mean I don't have room for a little entryway
"welcome" zone.

the 1882 signage
 is from Missouri off of a bank that was established back then... I had fun decorating it for the holiday season. If you don't want to hang a traditional wreath... here is an idea.
some greenery
sticks and sparkle
torn linen ribbon
some ornaments or family photos


Below is the stairway leading to the second floor

an assortment of books tucked along the edge adds a fun visual as you come through the front door.

so fun.

Enough of the home front for now....
what about my BARN
what is happening at the Barn...

It was another great year for sales
So, thank all of you who supported your local small business!!
Thank You !
Thank You !

As always, I buy too much at Christmas time because I want to put on a show.... Over the top decor! 
Which means....an After Christmas Sale

50 % off Christmas decor

it will go until it is gone or until I get sick of looking at it.
Believe me...it wont last long!

Tell your friends and come see us !
We are open regular business hours until the New Year Holiday.


Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ 2013

The 2013 issues are about to arrive.

It is hard to believe.

Cozy up for Winter...I can't wait to see what is inside.

I updated the web shop so you can pre - order your copy.

7 days of shopping left

We started our sale...Love a sale!!

All Barn Christmas 20 %
Tuesday, Dec. 18th .....30 % off
...and of course 50% off the remaining AFTER Christmas!!



M - Miller House

I want to show you some of my decor outside the house.
Miller House

It's funny when I look at the pictures because there is no snow.
Right now, we have lots of snow.

Years ago I added this patio to the front of the house.

It's quite fun to have a space to add furniture, to vignette and to sit out front where all the neighborhood activity is.  Not that I sit out front in the middle of winter...but you know what I mean...

...you could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee if you were so inclined....

the Merry Christmas garland is going to get "weathered" but won't that just add to it's charm

view as you walk up the driveway...

I usually put a large pine tree out front.

This year I decided to pot a bunch of Little's....
the pine tree school sign was the perfect touch

by the front door... an assemblage of Vintage, garden, Pine and Birch

and then there is the front door.

I try to go non-traditional every year.

This year two stockings hung with yarn wrapping the door

I love to use signage whenever possible...

My little wooden Christmas tree.
I had a couple different friends of mine make trees for the Barn this year out of scrap wood... So cute. If you drive by the Barn you will see many different shapes and sizes adorning both outside and inside.

I hope you enjoyed the outdoor tour... now picture it all buried in 2 feet of snow.


At the Barn we have started our
Pre-Christmas Sale!

I love the fact that things are selling out.

I can't wait to see what Market has in store for the new year.

Have a safe and Happy Weekend.


cheers! peace & joy


Time to jazz up the bar area for your guests.

In my house .... small... I have a tiny area that I call the bar... It is shown below. A Vintage liquor cabinet, a mirror and a couple of shelves for extra display room.

The area has a kind-of margarita look in the summer, wine in the fall AND a definite Martini feel at Christmas time.  I guess my mood and drink of choice, changes with the seasons...

Christmas = martini

This is my favorite vignette at my house this year... no, not because of the drinks...because of how darn cute it is...I found this vintage top hat and I knew it would be perfect for the bar table.  I also found one more vintage reindeer this year.  So excited to add one more to the collection... is it a collection if you only had one to start with...? Well, now I have two... the red one is from my childhood. I am keeping him in the family and the taller black one is my newbie... isn't it sweet how they stick out their tongue.

love the cut-outs...

that is some kind of martini glass....


catch you later...

Peace & Joy

...time to go wrap some gifts.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...