the table is set

It is always so much fun setting the table for the holidays.

I probably over-do the center decor on the table....
 obviously, the food will have to be served and then placed on the counter or something....
 Lord knows I can't possibly leave space on the table for an extra dish....

drives my husband crazy. 

...but the table must reflect the spirit of the Holiday
and be festive for your guests... right???

 What does Mr Miller know about setting the table anyway.... he is the cook after all

Everyone always asks..."do you actually eat at that table...."
So, I am telling you YES we do and it is great.

Functional and LOOKS Great too !!!

I love to find funky creative ways for the place settings.

This year I used my little felted guys with name tags around their necks.

my Daniel

my Logan

Fun glassware from Anthro

vintage silver

vintage collection of salt & pepper

The collection of white trees are perfect for a winter Holiday table

... along with associated hardware...

Information update from the Barn:

Jeanne d' Arc Living / December we have a couple issues left
I also have a couple of the hard cover Christmas books in stock.
A Touch of France
(online shop)

Vintage by Nina - in stock
Vintage by Nina Christmas - sold out

Jd'Arc Living Easter book and perpetual Calendars are on order and coming in January.

Loads of Christmas and gift items available.

Have a great weekend.

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A Dreamer said...

Absolutely love your table & everything on it!! You are very creative & whimsical in your designs... always look forward to the next one!! Merry Christmas to you & yours & best wishes for the new year...!!

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