cheers! peace & joy


Time to jazz up the bar area for your guests.

In my house .... small... I have a tiny area that I call the bar... It is shown below. A Vintage liquor cabinet, a mirror and a couple of shelves for extra display room.

The area has a kind-of margarita look in the summer, wine in the fall AND a definite Martini feel at Christmas time.  I guess my mood and drink of choice, changes with the seasons...

Christmas = martini

This is my favorite vignette at my house this year... no, not because of the drinks...because of how darn cute it is...I found this vintage top hat and I knew it would be perfect for the bar table.  I also found one more vintage reindeer this year.  So excited to add one more to the collection... is it a collection if you only had one to start with...? Well, now I have two... the red one is from my childhood. I am keeping him in the family and the taller black one is my newbie... isn't it sweet how they stick out their tongue.

love the cut-outs...

that is some kind of martini glass....


catch you later...

Peace & Joy

...time to go wrap some gifts.


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