Home Decor - my house

I am still lovin' the blue this year!

My kitchen and Dining room are all open and incorporate the entire back of the house.  This area is my desk - slash- multi use table.... now home of the tree...

I started with all blues and whites.... when I brought in the felted owls with all of their color... well, all theme decorating went out the window... now it has that homemade look.

and since I was adding touches of red I had to bring in my new Pixie friends

So cute....from Denmark

and my vintage S & P

a bucket of treasures

I will continue to post different areas of my home this week.

Thanks for stopping
~ Lori


suzeeez said...

I love your decorating style ! :o)

mitchiesmom said...

Love, love, love it all!!! Can't wait to snoop more into your beautiful home!! So thankful for the internet so I can become "friends" with those away from my home, and enjoy their lovely homes and shoppes!!

Sarina said...

What a lovely decorations.I like it very much.

Junk Girl said...

Looking forward to seeing all your pictures! Looks great so far!


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