Red - VaVaVaVoom

VaVaVa Voom

It's that time of year again.

What I should be saying is Blue ... Brr Brr Brr Boom.
It is so stinking cold here!!
School's are closed. Roads are closed. Even the Barn is closed.

This must be how it feels to be an occasional sale shop.  
Always closed.
All I know is being closed is a drag. I pay too much in rent to have my Barn as a storage unit.  Unfortunately, we can't be open with an inside temperature of 50 degrees and an outside temperature of -50 degrees.

When will it end.  

This kind of stuff makes me think of wine and chocolate

Red is definitely a statement color

which brings to this lovely piece
Done up real nice by my friend Linda
This Vintage piece is painted with Miss Mustard Seed "Tricycle" and finished with a hemp oil rub.
Love it.
It is for sale at my Barn along with many other pieces.
As you see below 
We have been accepted to carry and teach the techniques of using the Miss Mustard Seed milk paint line.  I will be getting the Barn ready to showcase the entire line and we will be arranging for workshops to start soon.

I am really excited to get this project underway.
Be patient... I am a tad bit behind because of this cold but stay tuned is all coming soon.

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine

I love the cover on this issue
2014 is starting out with a bang

The second issue of the highly coveted Jeanne d' Arc Living Magazine is on order.  
It will arrive at the Barn in a few weeks.

we are receiving limited numbers 
so be sure to reserve your issue before they are sold out.

We have a few back issues from 2013

Black & White

Good morning.
I don't know about the rest of you, but I am so over Christmas !!

I still have customer's coming in and Saying "where is all of your Christmas product".... really, you still want it . 

I can't do it anymore.
We are down to one tiny table top, which has been at 70% discount all last week. This week it will be moved out. It's time to start working and REFRESH.

The new goods have started rolling in...

I just received these fun Farmhouse style chalk boards.

You can lean them as a backdrop on a table 
or hang them on the wall.
They come with a fun Jute hanger

These lovely black stands are meant for jewels...
however, they are fun for signage and can be used for so much more.

up you go...

Vintage look Alphabet cards.
You can use individual letters in your vignettes or spell out names or special words.

L. O. V. E. 

My metal numbers are also "way cool."

Fun Farmhouse style Chalk boards

Loads going on this week.

First, I have to mention there are only 12 days left in January.  Sorry for all of you who have January birthday's, but I do a count down and Love when the month is over.  

This year in February, we are starting things with a wedding 
Yep, first ever !!

I will be finishing the wedding Vignette this week.  You can come check it out but the vignette itself will be off limits for purchase or photos. (No touching either !) I normally don't allow photos inside the Barn anyway ...FYI.... this is just another reminder.  Most of the props will be for sale after the wedding...  If you are interested, you can purchase up front, but you can't take your item home until after the event. I wouldn't recommend waiting either ... I have a feeling most items will be spoken for by then.

So exciting.

Also, big news
I have been excepted to carry the 
Miss Mustard Seed paint Line.

More to come... news... work shops ... product...
See you this week at the Barn.


Forever ...I do

As Christmas sells down 
Tables are changed in a frenzy.

We start talking about weddings and future plans and then
... a wedding table.

VOGUE invitations

It's a Party

Top hat and Black tie
Mix in a touch of hand-made
a sprinkle of Vintage ...

We are hosting a wedding here at the Barn in February.

I am so excited.
Of course, I will share pictures and more details later.

Love is in the air

... and then Destiny met True love....

Happy Monday.

We open at noon today.
See you at the Barn !!


The weekend is here and it is nice out.
We are supposed to get above freezing ... above 30 degrees.

Are you kidding me !! 
I might wear shorts over my long-johns today!
Happy. Happy.

We finally re-opened the Barn. The furnaces love when the outdoor temperature is above 0.  We can now take our coats off inside and get to work.  I have started revamping tables and sorting Christmas from Winter and so on... I had one customer, yesterday, ask when my Spring merchandise is coming out.  I smiled and said "soon" .. BUT I wanted to scream "it's only the 9th day of  January!!"

We must do Winter at least through January !

I love this new table where my mushrooms are growing tall in their cute sweater tops.
It is a fun Winter look.

of course... I can mix in a little growth ... a tease of the Spring to come...

On a new Note...
I am going crazy with my lists...
they say some people like lists and some don't
I don't understand the mind of those who don't need lists.

I am a list maker.
... give me a post-it or any scrap of paper and I feel the need to make lists.

It affirms, in my mind, that I have accomplished something. I, for one, need ... I mean I need to accomplish something hourly.... or at least daily, or I feel the day has been wasted.  
The most important part of the list is the crossing off part
you know what I mean
I did this
and this
and this
If you are like me, you put things on the list that are already done... just so you can cross it off.  You feel better... you have accomplished something.
Happy. Happy.

When I hear you should make a few goals for the up-coming new year...
Are You Kidding Me !!
What about a few goals each DAY.

Lets get something going People.
Maybe I have had too much coffee... and my time is almost up.
my allotted blog time - need to wrap this up.

It is time to grow.
This year there will be expansion and growth.
I am so excited to move forward at the Barn and with my other businesses.
Lori Miller Vintage Design. Studio M Couture. LM Brand.

If your business or home needs a new look. I will be expanding my consulting / stylist hours ...

With your input we can help you create your own Brand.

So much to do ...

... my own little Pig Pen

SALE at the Barn goes through today.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...