funky jewels and funky friends

I started my day on Thursday with many surprises. First, a bouquet of beautiful flowers arrived in a fun grass basket, filled with sunflowers and funky greens. sorry no photo A birthday surprise from my sister, Sue, and her husband. A big" happy to you" was written on the card.
Then my first customer of the day surprised me with the purchase of a chandelier....out came the big ladder. As I was attempting to remove the chandelier from great heights, in walks my friend Ki, junk revolution/junk camp/junk bonanza/flea market style-need I mention more, who was happy to find me
in the thralls of business. And then, if the day couldn't get any better, my lovely guy in brown, brought funky jewels and my first batch of greeting cards.

We visited for hours...too fun, top secret ~ swear on my latest pile of junk ~ I'll never tell, girl talk.
As Ki checked out the Barn, I unpacked and checked out my new line of greeting cards. Soon we were both elbow deep in the piles of note cards....Ki was my first customer to purchase from my new line...she also had great marketing ideas...thanks sista! I can't wait to get them on the shelves. After our wonderful visit, I did get back to work, discovering the other box of goodies my man in brown delivered....Vintage jewels and new scarves:o)


...and J Crew...look out, the Pottin' Company now has the funky half the price.
~ o jane, o mustard moon, wherefore art thou...we only mentioned you once - well maybe twice ;0) in missing you ~ next time. L

Buggy Rides

"The Buggy"
I finally found a little time to sort through these pictures. I need an assistant for an assistant to keep up some weeks.... but then again, the challenges and the dead lines are what we thrive on.
...back to the buggy. He was sort of hidden and often missed by most of you visiting. It was quite the chore, but well worth the effort, to move him center stage when I redid the store for Fall.
Yep, you heard right, everything gets torn down and re-vamped each season.
Check it out...
I placed a small bistro set within the front wheels and dropped a vintage chandelier down
to the table top.

new terracotta urns

3 tiers of FUN.
I sold out of my yellow acorns the first weekend... :0))

The bistro set has an iron base with a glass top and 4 metal chairs. It is one of Lanette's Fab pieces ~ of Cottage Elements. Love

will you join me?

don't you Love the buggy?

I love this chair....from a friend of mine, Jane of Mustard Moon, she knows I like it best with the guts sticking out.

More lists to make. Lots to do.

The sun is coming up and it looks like it is going to be a glorious day. L

Talk of the town

It is the talk of the town. The September edition of Jeanne d' Arc Living will now be available in English. This will be the 5th issue in print of the lovely magazine which features a Nordic style of decor. The September issue is the first that will be offered in English.
The original with Danish print.

I am so excited. Call to reserve your copy.

Eight is Enough

Can you ever have enough numbers? Love them. How about change?
I love to move things around...change things up a bit.
This morning, I am starting off with a new vignette that was created were the buggy used to sit. By moving the buggy, it opened up a beautiful area that is now my favorite spot in
the whole Barn.
I also, with the help of my friend Sue, raised a large window up off of the floor and moved the black mantle. The black mantle is worth mentioning because it had been on the same wall, in the same spot, for over 15 years!!! Love. I can't get enough.

The dingy back wall of this cupboard is perfect for my new room.

The Grand dad chair is meant to be in the new space...

...especially, with a few added props. Love.

Take note of the black mantle and the large window that is now at a perfect height.

yes, I now have more copies of Jul.

So much change here at the Barn... more to come ~ stay tuned.
Happy Monday to you all.....L


Welcome. This trio adorns my door as you enter the store.
Their sweet little faces just scream happiness ;o)
The weather here in Minnesota this last week has been perfect for Fall decorating....chilly.
Today, however, the sun is shining and we are smiling, and with the recent rain everything is back in full bloom.
My next few posts will highlight the recent changes at the Barn. Today just a sampling of beautiful flowers... love the white and brown sunflower.
This mustard hydrangea is also gorgeous...

...and the pods!!

Oh, so fun. Have an extra special weekend. L

Weather delay

Rain, rain and more rain. What do we do when it rains ~ we create. The rain is actually coming at a good time because I have lots of creating to do at the store. I have one more week to get the Barn into Harvest mode and then it's spooky Halloween.
One table done. 30 more vignettes to go.... and I moved the Buggy!! For those of you who have shopped the Barn know that moving the Buggy doesn't happen very often. I can't wait to post those pictures....I guess I would have to take them first. :-) One thing at a time.

love the wooden dowels as candles.

... placemats and napkins


Fall has officially entered the building
ttfn. L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...