Eight is Enough

Can you ever have enough numbers? Love them. How about change?
I love to move things around...change things up a bit.
This morning, I am starting off with a new vignette that was created were the buggy used to sit. By moving the buggy, it opened up a beautiful area that is now my favorite spot in
the whole Barn.
I also, with the help of my friend Sue, raised a large window up off of the floor and moved the black mantle. The black mantle is worth mentioning because it had been on the same wall, in the same spot, for over 15 years!!! Love. I can't get enough.

The dingy back wall of this cupboard is perfect for my new room.

The Grand dad chair is meant to be in the new space...

...especially, with a few added props. Love.

Take note of the black mantle and the large window that is now at a perfect height.

yes, I now have more copies of Jul.

So much change here at the Barn... more to come ~ stay tuned.
Happy Monday to you all.....L

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