oh white Wednesday

Hello everyone, good morning.

I shot these photos of my favorite pixie out back and I thought I would share them with you. He has taken many a tumble over the years, but the more tattered the better...isn't that what we say in the junkin' world.

.... you can probably see if you look hard enough that his little head was once totally off... I can't remember if it was a storm or a dog issue. Oh well, all is mended and all is well.

doesn't he look Grand...

like he is not only the keeper of the pool but of the entire back yard

The last day of June. I don't know how I feel about that. The entire month was wet, so I guess I am glad that is over, but July, I still can't get over it.... Yikes.
Enjoy the Sun and the July 4th holiday.


summer collections

How can it be summer already.... July 4th weekend coming up. Yikes.
That means it is time to play. There is no time to waste.
After hiding indoors with 30 days of rain behind us, I say it is time to get out and start summer. I bought margarita stuff for the weekend coming up so bring on the SUN.
Here are a few more indoor shots... flowers and pool side soon to come.

yep, those are full size plus clocks. It is just one big mother jar

luckily I did get some of the peony's inside before the rain came

love the baby shoes

Happy summer.
Happy shopping...
I am purging at the Barn... everything needs to go SALE is happening now.
I am in one of those moods... clear it out and cleanse!!
Jeanne d'Arc Living should be delivered this week sometime... $25 a copy. We still have a few issues left.


Simple treasures

I don't remember when I started collecting the #4... they really just started appearing at my house, I don't remember looking specifically for that number. Someone recently asked if I was a Brett Favre fan (football Player, #4 ... long story if you are not from this area). Isn't that funny, only a guy would ask....

I have vintage metal baskets and buckets everywhere that hold my books

so simple.
I really have toned down things at home since I bought the Barn. The shop is so full of finds that I need just a few favorites to fill my needs at home.

these books are early 1800's

I can't believe it is already Friday.
I am thinking about and missing my sister's....
I am going to have to put in some serious phone time this weekend.
I am purging at the Barn.... HUGE SALE! See you there ~ L

set the table

Happy first day of Summer everyone!!
I Love, Love, Love setting the table for guests and for different themes.
This table scape is definitely to celebrate summer.
I still - even tho they seem to be on the way out am in love with Ferns!

I am digging my new - well used, plank top farm table!

you can tell that I am still over the top with the burlap and the green and white are my summer color choices...

I sold a TON of moss at the shop after everyone had come though the house for my home tour.

when I found these cute little guys at the garden store 3 weeks before the tour I knew I had to have them for the table....so fun.

I would love to hear what you all think??
Big Sale at the shop starts this week
Summer Daisy Days Sale.... watch for your emails

more kitchen shots

This and that in the kitchen... hate these counter tops
As I had mentioned in earlier posts, I had been working on the kitchen and had to fire the original contractor, and then abort half the project because we ran out time.... so here are a few shots...of the unfinished side of the room.... although, plenty of room to decorate.

happy father's day

Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ July

Big News.
I have not purchased Jeanne d'Arc Living since the Feb. issue because the price is OUT of control, BUT I am going through withdrawal. I need a new issue. SO, I have decided to order the July issue, 20 count minimum, and sell them for $25 each. I will at least get my money back AND 20 of us here in the US will get a good deal

I am so inspired by these magazines... really, decorating books.
My older copies are in tatters...

I can not wait until they arrive. July 9th is the publication date so they should be here late next week. - minimal $3 shipping fee for the discounted price.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...