summer collections

How can it be summer already.... July 4th weekend coming up. Yikes.
That means it is time to play. There is no time to waste.
After hiding indoors with 30 days of rain behind us, I say it is time to get out and start summer. I bought margarita stuff for the weekend coming up so bring on the SUN.
Here are a few more indoor shots... flowers and pool side soon to come.

yep, those are full size plus clocks. It is just one big mother jar

luckily I did get some of the peony's inside before the rain came

love the baby shoes

Happy summer.
Happy shopping...
I am purging at the Barn... everything needs to go SALE is happening now.
I am in one of those moods... clear it out and cleanse!!
Jeanne d'Arc Living should be delivered this week sometime... $25 a copy. We still have a few issues left.

5 comments: said...

Love your post today. I did a post on tiny shoes too:) Yours are adorable.
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Lori, looks like your place is amazing. Wish I would have seen it in person :( My bad! I'll have to stop in this week to see what's on sale, too!


Ticking and Toile said...

Yep I'm w/ Lanette....your place looks totally amazing! Love those little shoes :)


RustyClover said...

Hey Lori! Time in a jar.....I have to share your post with my friend Colette, she is crazy for clocks. And your pixie is too cute!

be lucky, Katy

Barbara Jean said...

I'm not one to use the phrase "to die for", but if I did, That jar of clocks would fit that phrase. =)
going back through all your old posts and lovin' it all!!!!!!!!

blessings and thanks for all the fun.

barbara jean

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