A touch of spook

 I love to mix some seasonal with my everyday vintage look.

The coffee station is a good spot for a little sprinkle of spook.

These darling spiders and mice are just the perfect touch for Halloween.

These funny little mice with the bottle brush tales are some of my favorites.

Even though I hate spiders with a passion.
Actually, I am terrified of them and will run the other direction when I see one. 

These little metal ones on chains - Perfect for dangling on any-old-thing.  How can you not like these little guys at this time of year.

They look good in a grouping, hanging out by their chains at different lengths.  I think they fit right in with my collection of Vintage M's. I really don't think of myself as a person who collects... but I do have a few things that catch my eye, and when placed in a grouping, make it look as if I am a collector...

Who am I trying to kid... I collect M's!!
and this is as good a place as any to display them.

I hope you have a touch of spook to display at your house.


Farmhouse series BAGS - For Sale

Hello Goatgeous.
One thing on my bucket list, for the last few years, has been to master a sewing machine. 

I mentioned this new sewing idea recently to one of my sisters, and she offered to give me the machine sitting in her closest.  It is the most basic, of basic machines, but when one is teaching one's self to sew... basic is music to my ears.

I tried... I failed... I then recruited my mom for help... and after 10 minutes !!
Voila`! Yippee!
Thank You Mom!
I am a sewer.

I love black and white stripes and black and white polka-dots, so with that in mind, the bags were born.

I also fell in love with the lining... greys and pinks! 

I was fortunate to find all of the material I used at Hobby Lobby. 
One stop. In and out.
That's how I like to roll.
If you know me, once I have something in my head, look out... stand back!!

This is my sheep bag
Can you stand how cute it is.

All of the bags are similar, but then again slightly different.
The hello Goatgeous bag comes in black, but the hello Farmhouse comes in two choices, tan and black.

The back of the bag is adorned with a pocket.. hopefully large enough to hold a cell phone.

Right now I am trying to keep up with orders.
I am selling them locally and shipping them out as fast as my little fingers can go.
Locally you can find them at
LBC - Junk Market
Tafoya Salon

If you want to place a special request order and have me ship it to you
just drop an email

If you want to order via the online shop, they are now available.

I hope you are all enjoying this fabulous FALL weather.

Lori ~ RBPCo.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...