harvest colors

Back to a little love at the Barn.

Fall harvest colors are so refreshing...so alive.
I love the colors of Fall.

Up in Minnesota the trees are changing color.  Bursts of reds and yellows and oranges ARE everywhere you look.  I even bought my first Fall new shirt...one of many I am sure... but it is a mustardy-chartreuse colored thermal.... I can't wait to wear it!!!! 

I bought it at my favorite local boutique JENSON'S located in Anoka.

check out the shelf in the background.
Made by Vern out of a vintage window.... love.
I'm sure it wont be at the Barn long.

what do you do with a Santos hand....

A local guest brought her friend in to the Barn the other day.  She was visiting from Nevada and had not been to the Barn before.  It was so much fun listening to them walk the sales floor... the excitement and the comments made my heart about burst.  She claimed it was the best shop she had ever been in and when she came back to Minnesota it would be the first stop !!!

Love Her!

With all of her purchases, I have to believe she was driving back to Nevada.

Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ Issue 8

I am so excited for this issue.

It features Dress Forms & Corsets

My two favorites!!!

...along with the usual fab French Nordic design

The new Christmas book is on the way to the Barn....

If you are looking for back issues
1 July copy
4 August (#7) copies left at the Barn

Also, coming soon. 
Shop owner, Nina Hartmann, from Sweden, the book is on the way to the Barn.

Can't wait. Can't wait! 

Vintage by Nina at the Barn

All things French.
All things Vintage.

Vintage by Nina, truly is filled with inspiration that is designed and photographed with all found items ... all things French... all things old and worn... all things that we love.

page after page

I have one copy at the Barn.
You can page through and drool, BUT you have to order your copy.

They should be arriving soon.
I was taking orders only at the Barn (brick & mortar) but I have decided
to add to the online shop as well....

limited copies ordered
limited copies left in stock

reserve your copy today

I saved the best for last....
look at these last 2 pictures...

and there are so many more in the book.

Vintage by Nina book contains 160 beautifully inspiring pages that inspire the art of restyling salvage of old and pieces with time-worn history in its readers and evokes a livable longing for rooms washed in the whites of age.

Title: Vintage by Nina


Hardcover: 164 pages

Dimensions: 10"x 8.5"

More than 300 colour photographs

I'm so excited!!

pumpkins and trophy's

I have had the best week.

You know how sometimes you heart is just happy.

This picture makes me happy.

I had a couple of days off at the hospital so We got a ton of work done at the Barn.

My kids are happy and safe and doing well with their STUFF.

My older brother turned 50 yesterday so we had a big family get together at my house.
My mom did well raising 6 kids !!
Everyone was there with spouses and babies and grand babies....
(except Sue & Jim and their clan who couldn't make it from the East coast)
BUT they were missed.

pumpkins and trophy's MAKE ME HAPPY

love this photo

I hope everyone has a great FALL-ish weekend.

I have been working on the Vogue Boutique for the last few days
Wowsers do I have jewels at the Barn....

...and as you can see, pumpkins and trophy's!!

fun reading

Warm sunny days and Cool evenings.
Not to mention, cool mornings.... lovin' this weather.
Makes me want to grab a cup of coffee and curl up with a good book.

Justin Bishop's book is Fabulous.
His styling and photography are right up my alley.
Love his masculine touch

Rachael Hale also has some great photos in the french Cat and the French Dog

Back in stock by popular demand... but moving fast.

Eek.... fun!

Lara Spencer's fun new book just arrived at the Barn.

and the latest trends in Paris.

I'm trying to recover from my birthday weekend.
I guess my age is starting to catch up with me.
....did I say that...

Jeanne d'Arc Living update
July - 1 copy left
August - 3 copies
September - Featuring dress forms and corsets - arriving soon
call to reserve your copy.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...