Vintage by Nina

Monday morning.
So much to do.
First, new news...
I am not sure if you have heard about the book coming in September.
Vintage by Nina

I have a copy in my hot little hands written in the Norwegian language: however, the English versions are coming soon.

We are taking pre-orders to pick up at the Barn now.
If you want to glance through my copy it is there also.

All the things that excite us are in this book.
Love it!
Call or stop in to reserve your copy now.

Barn news:
I have finally recovered from the big event and the shop is starting to look new and refreshed.
... my stress level is finally dropping
The whole front of the Barn is done - ready to go...Harvest and FALL ... the back and kitchen areas will be flipped and turned and ready by the end of the week. 
 THEN the entire Vogue Boutique will be flipped and turned.  AND THEN the Halloween extravaganza will be underway!!

Oh boy....all in a 2 - 3 week time frame.

Also, I have pictures of the changes BUT I need to edit and post, so soon.
Check back often

Also.... the picture below in the last post... I have had inquires about it... it is a shot from my house in the master bedroom.... there you have it.

see you soon.

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