give me peace...

Oh Boy What a weekend....
The sale was amazing!

Better then I could of hoped for.
I'm not sure if I will do it again.... so much work.
I was going to post pictures, but who wants to look at a long line of people waiting to get in and then a crowded store full of people.  The pictures just didn't do anything for me.... 

I can tell you, it was a packed house.
A ton of inventory went out.
Furniture and all. CRAZY two days.
I have been picking up the pieces and flipping the shop.


I am exhausted.

I will start posting pictures soon of the new look.
It is so fun.
I love when the Barn changes. Especially, for a new season.

The fall / harvest season is upon us.
I should have everything finished by next week, but I have a lot done already.
See you soon.


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