bedside table re-make

I had my assignment...

Deep clean the bedroom.
1. Remove all surface adornments and clean
2. remove large tree branch from corner, back wall (do not bring back in)
3. move everything and clean the floor
4. bring in new rug
5. re - vignette


I love this vintage chippy cabinet 

fabulous fashion books

they work great to give my lamp a little lift

extra pearls...
why leave them in the drawer...
it gives the frame a little girl-y feel

this old frame, so full of character, normally stood empty...
I added a few small adornments... mirror, sign and a vogue girl...
I like it !!

It marks my territory ...

All Cleaned UP !!!

I was looking at the Jeanne d'Arc inventory...
we always end up with a few extra summer issues.
The winter and fall issues sell out the fastest but I do have 
April  / 4th issue - 5 in stock
May / 5th issue - sold out
June / 6th issue - 5 in stock
July / 7th issue - 3 in stock

I am looking forward to July and some down time.

Happy Summer... I'll be at the Barn all day today !!

Lori - RBPCo.

chair - Chair - everywhere a chair


I am into chairs ... always, but especially in the summer, when the gardens can also be populated with  the chairs.
I am thinking that I am not the only one that loves chairs...
because when I started thinking about doing this post, I started counting how many chairs went out the door.  Just last week we sold 9 chairs... some only lasted 1 day at the Barn. 
 They come in - they go out.

child's chair

so here are a few random shots of CHAIRS

of course here at my barn, nothing is bare

metal .. bistro

vintage - folding

great garden chair with an open seat

vintage fabric - rocker

vintage leather - rocker

So good to see everyone this week !!
Thank you for venturing out and supporting your  local business.

We appreciate every smiling face.

SALE continues through Sunday...

With additional markdowns as the days continue.
... so... maybe we will see you back this weekend.


summer garden bash

It is nearing the end of June.

I think it is time for a Summer Garden Bash !

I wanted to show a few enticing pictures ...

... to get you and your friends in the door.

fabulous cabinet just in....

too FUN for words !!!

take a seat... grab a book...

Fabulous chest of drawers ...just in

we are lovin' the metal flowers 

So, SALE into summer, here at the Barn.

SALE starts Tuesday and goes into the weekend...
... ends Sunday, June 30

25% off Store wide

stock up on your favorites or come for that one of a kind treasure that you have had your eye on.

some artisan items are exempt from this sale

Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ 7th issue July

July issue has left Denmark and is on the way!!

here are some inspirational pictures...
they always save the best for the actual magazine tho.

love this door...

can't wait.

pre-order yours today...

oops, I haven't updated my online website...
call. or email me. or be patient, I will try and fix it tonight.

Enjoying the summer heat.

Summer Junk Sale next week at the Barn

Lori - RBPCo.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...