3 little pigs came to visit...

Let me tell you a story...

It was a warm Spring day and the cutest little pigs stopped by the Barn.

I think they were dressed in their fanciest outfits.
They were trying to put on a good impression for their outing.

I found them checking out all sorts of things ....

Is this a house they would like?
It is the right size...

No, I guess not...

they met others... hard workers at the Barn...

they noticed the little guys are at work constantly...

they discussed the Barn amongst the beautiful grouping of flowers... were they thought they were hidden from sight...

yes, it was decided that the barn was fresh and beautiful...

the surroundings made them feel at ease and relaxed....
they wanted these things for their own home

It was then decided.
They would not stay, BUT they would tell their friends AND definitely return another day.

The Spring ~ 3rd issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living has arrived and I am getting them to the post office as fast as I can. YOU are going to love this issue!!!  I think when I checked this morning we had one more copy available online and a few issues at the Barn for my local customers.

This Friday is the last day of March Madness at the Barn.

Happy Wednesday.

~ L

my best kept secrets ...

Good Morning and Happy Spring.

It is odd that it is officially Spring.
 I thought I was ahead of schedule, getting so much done... before it was "spring."  You know what I mean? Now that it really is officially Spring.... I am feeling behind schedule again....
Always so much to do.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you my best kept secrets at the Barn.
My little bits of perfection, soft and cozy.
It isn't often that we have the softness at the Barn.

I'm not showing you because I want them to sell.
Oh h--- no.
Just the opposite. I am envisioning Christmas vignettes....

Right now I love the black and white bunnies with the red tulips... Easter table perhaps???

And then there is this fabulous metal side table...

These pin cushion boards with velvet ribbon will not stick around long....

Here is my next beauty

oh, how I love her....
soft and cozy and Perfect for my old Barn.
or maybe for my new studio...

so Fun.

I wish you were here...
Sales have been out of this world, so momma's happy.



Things are blooming.

We've had some warm weather and some rain.... usually, we still have 3 - 4 feet of snow... so now with this rain the grass is turning green, the trees all have big buds and the little guys are blooming. !!

We are happy up here in Minnesota.

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Big News ~ Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine

O. M. G.

All of you who love Jeanne d 'Arc Living
All of you who have heard of Jd'Arc but have not paid the big $$$
You are all in for a big Treat.

The company is trying to capture a larger market here in the USA.... they are now offering huge savings.!!

Huge savings!!!

The price will now $13.95 an issue.
Both at the Barn and thru. the online shop.

Hip. Hip. Hurray.

Also, big news if you have not heard, it will be available every month.

Starting this April 2012

For all of you receive the magazine thru the Barn the new pricing will start with the next issue!

For all of you who have seen it at the Barn it will now be available for the reduced price!!


Like I said. Hip. Hip. Hurray.

~ L

vintage Easter

With this wonderful warm weather it seems like Easter is right around the corner...

actually, it is only a few weeks away.

We are already discussing the dinner menu and I am planning the table...
hopefully we can entertain outside again this year.

My Wolfe dress form takes center stage.

Also, check out this fabulous table runner.
 It is folded in half so it is lengthy.
It Says No. 17

I also have the same design in cloth napkins

Cement rose pot....

so much vintage inspired good-ness

also, a fabulous bag

fun terracotta pots
French script linens

placemats, cloth napkins, rugs....

a token of spring

Don't forget about March madness.
The more friends you bring the greater the savings.
Every Friday in March.

1 = 10%
2 = 20%
3 or more everyone gets 30% off

Enjoy the wonderful weekend.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...