Don"t you love a good chalkboard wall.
Normally when I am at my Barn, I am busy with new product coming in and new vignettes to set up. Always moving...always on the go.

Yesterday, I was at the Barn all day and it was busy...not only with customers buying loads of goodies but busy with the kind of goodies they were buying. Things that required the big ladder...many lights went out...also tables, which means finding homes for the stuff on top of the tables. Along with a large mantel...down came another vignette...many windows ...etc. loads of moving...

Which is great...when I said "selling down to bare walls" that is what I need to happen.
Even though it is killing me watching my valued lovelies leaving at 75% off.

Deep breath...it's OK...it must be done
My mantra ...

Anyway, I arrived at about 9:30 and the first time I sat down was 4 pm...

During all the activity I realized I had a large empty chalkboard wall
Empty !
With nothing in front of it...
what the...
So I decided, first thing that morning, that I was going to create something...

I started with a frame for my soon to become masterpiece.
I am kind of proud of myself that I remembered to take pictures during each step.

Who doesn't love a vintage dressform

Life's a beautiful thing...

LV, Dior, Chanel adornments

I was trying to think of somethings that I love

That's it.

A day at the Barn.
A Creation framed and shared.

This morning, I am home catching up on some cleaning and laundry while my mom tends to the Barn.  I will join her later and then we are planning an early dinner with my two other sisters. Time to slow down, relax and catch up on each others lives. For the weekend, Baby Jax is coming to stay.  I think I am going to like this slow and easy lifestyle. One that doesn't include running to the Barn every single day !!!

Big Smile to you.

Lori - RBPCo.

Coffee time

To catch up on last week...no, I have not finished...or even started on my countertop, sink and faucet project. Busy week at the hospital and we are still open a couple days a week at the Barn...and life happens.... laundry etc. It is still on my mind, and it will get done....at least it is in the Project file.

My Coffee station, on the other hand, is complete and cute as a button.

No Keureg (?sp) for us....our pot is the 14 cup-per and we drink every drop.

I love this area because it gives me a tiny bit of room to vignette.
Brewing is important, but a good vignette is hard to come by !!

Vintage wooden milk bottle crate.
It came about five years ago in one of my European shipments.  I sold all the little milk bottles but had to keep the crate for myself.  I use curtain clips to hold my coffee cups.

Beautiful way to display cups for guests or for daily use. 

Don't you love my sweet mini furniture pieces.
(not to mention these fab counters)
They are hand made and purchased from a talented potter who worked for me at the Barn.  She can do color specifics on individual orders.... and, as artistry goes...sells her pieces much too cheap.

Kate would love to make this lovely piece for you...or a 100 of them for your shop.

Let me know !!!

I hope you are taking the time to enjoy a nice steamy cup this morning.

Happy August 17 !!

Lori - RBPCo.

time for a project

As we are still plugging away at the Barn. Selling down as much as we can before I leave my beloved space. My mind has already started to churn on projects that I have longed to do at home.  As you can imagine, trying to juggle two full time plus jobs at the same time, I hardly had time to clean the house let alone change things. 

But that is all coming to an end.
At the Pottin' Company things are starting to wind down. More and more big ticket items are leaving as other shop owners venture in for some of my prime props.  Just the other day 3 more dress forms, all of my small vintage windows,  my row of funky shopping baskets, 2 more tables and 2 more large display pieces... fabulous pieces that have never before held a price tag...
anyway, I'm getting off track.
My plan today is to talk about my next project at home...

I am in desperate need of a new kitchen faucet...which means it is time for a new sink...which in turn gets down to my main focus...new counter tops.  This project has been in the works and put on hold for over two years now.  But not anymore....

this faucet was meant to be a temporary fix for the original one that started leaking and couldn't be fixed...at the time I hadn't found what I wanted, as far as a new sink, faucet and counter top. So my husband bought the cheapest thing out there because it was a temporary fix... over two years later...

I really haven't started to look outside of my computer yet...
Oh, the lovelies on Pinterest.

I barely let myself linger on the Pinterest site because of the time suck. It goes on and on and soon hours have passed... as the hours pass it is easy to feel that things at home are just not right any longer. Every room now needs to be changed...and where are my vases of real flowers...not just real but real beautiful flowers...in every room. 

I'm getting off track again...
I am happy to say, I have started the project in my mind, which means... soon.  I will pick out a sink, faucet and counter tops

These are the only thing left in the house that were original when we built in 1991.
Basic Formica.
It's hard to believe, this October we will have lived here 24 years. 

The cabinets I painted and distressed about 10 years ago.
Tops are white and the bottoms are brown with a black wash.

It's funny the yellow accents I am noticing in these photos. Most of my things now are whites and blues... anyway, have a lovely Saturday, and if anyone has any suggestions on funky sinks and such... drop me a line. I would love something fabulous to sit under my chandelier.

Lori - RBPCo. 

August !!

August is my all time favorite month.
My husband would say it's because it's my birthday month...which it is ... the whole month.  -ha ha.
But that's not why it's my favorite.

I love August because by now all the summer chores are done, fall and new projects are right around the corner, but not yet
August is a time to relax, enjoy a slower pace and enjoy time with family and friends. This year is especially nice because we are wrapping things up at the Barn. I am still there almost everyday, but only briefly... to gather the mail and answer the messages. Today, I will run in and put some signs out because we will be open Wednesday and Thursday, but then I am off to enjoy time at the salon and then home to the pool. - nice !

I thought I would share a little bit of my back yard oasis ...

my pool house and potting bench....

herbs !!

everything is planted... weeds are pulled... mulch is down..
time to relax and enjoy

I hope you have a relaxing day and enjoy your start to August.

Come see me at the Barn tomorrow.
We will be open every Wednesday and Thursday as my product lasts.
one week, two weeks ...???

Who knows ... at 75% off it is a dream come true for most.

I have loads of Books, floral, Christmas, Fall, Halloween, pots....some Vintage tables, display pieces, dress forms, windows...Santos, Eiffel towers...Paris goods, ladders, doors, dishes....

See you soon
Lori ~ RBPCo. 

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...