Things we Love

Chippy paint....
Decorating with heart and soul....

If you are lucky enough to come across an item with soul - your battle is half over.
Just don't pass it up.
Mixing in these pieces with what you have at home is
often vital to getting the repurposed - vintage -
irresistible look we are all after these days.

the bird bath is on the tall side so it makes a great table

tip: table top decor -

use what you have, just mix it up for a fresh change of the seasons.

Open your mind, throw your favorites together and see what you come up with.
The boxwood, pheasant feathers and herringbone check are a reminder of winter; whereas, the nest, eggs and bundle of pretty flowers are a touch of spring to come.
The books and the texture of the fun new scarf are just plain irresistible.

~ junk to some is creative beauty to all of us.

these next few shots are purely for inspiration....

have a Great weekend everybody....
... oh my, I just checked my account on line and I have 6 more shipments arriving today
.... oh my.
The Barn is going to be full of treasures this February.

French Style at the Barn

layer on layer of vintage finds....

I feel like I just wandered into the best French flea market ever.... right here at the Barn. We have unpacked and unwrapped and finally priced all the vintage pieces that arrived last week.

They are all one of a kind items from all over Europe with patina and heritage and OMG pure splendor.

iron urns with lid

glove forms, corbels ... well you can see for yourself...

love this blue

angel wings with wax seal

large urn with old burlap skirt

these babies are the real deal .... yummy

extra large bottle drying rack

with the vintage bottles

we dressed a few of the vintage bottles with metal tags

industrial chic
or some might say factory style

new scarves... so anthro.... only $40 cheaper ;-)

German stacking boxes .... extra heavy duty

pillow covers.... we can customize and put your longitude and latitude

One more week of January....

it rained...yes rained, all weekend and now it is freezing...
... and snowing - not good.

One more week of January....


I am in love!!
The best thing about going to market to shop for the store is buying goodies for myself.
I fell instantly in love with this piece of art.
48 x 48 canvas
Too Die For!!
Don't worry, I picked up an extra one for the store so you guys can fight over my lone copy.
I shouldn't say I buy only what I love for my house,
because everything I buy for the store - in my mind- is for me.
I can't work with it at the store if I don't love it.
I never buy on a Rep's recommendation or if someone says they sell a ton of them
.... I run for the hills.
I only want individual items that no one else has...that I LOVE. That I want!!
like this beauty...

Am I crazy or is it to die for...

... sorry can not cost over a hundred dollars in shipping just to get it to me!!

A customer asked if i could email her pics of this beauty....I showed this before Christmas...
so I thought I would drop the pics here also.

I am getting a little edgy with this weather here.... I need spring.

dinner for two.... while thinking warm thoughts.

red wine and a fire perhaps

romance and V-day is on the way

find your sweetheart and curl up by the fire.... enjoy your weekend.
The January 2010 issue of Jeanne d' Arc Living arrived on Thursday.
It is Yummy!! As good or better then the Christmas issue.
$35 includes shipping... we have a few copies left.
Peace out! L

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...