Thursday, January 7, 2010

ice.... ice baby

Crystals and glass. Ice ... ice baby.
My sparkly jars have sold and sold and sold some more.
Everybody love them! Me too. That's why I keep ordering them.

They look so festive and fun in any setting.
And, since it is winter.... they look awesome in a winter setting.
A perfect vintage winter setting.

Before I left for Atlanta I wanted to get as much of the store re-done as possible.
I actually didn't do to bad. With the help of my friend, Cheryl, we did get quite a few winter vignettes done before I left. This one was oh. so. fun.

you can tell I am still stuck on some of my fav's...I can't help it I'm hooked
on the tattered books....

....and the birch....

... and a sprinkle of green in my world of frozen ice

.... and all the vintage abused goods that I could gather.

... too fun. love this one.


it is like a recipe
a hint of green
a dash of growth
1 hand made clock face
a bundle of typed pages
at 70 degrees in an old Barn
add a bunch of vintage finds
= the perfect vignette

can you believe all of this is still here???? that it hasn't all sold????
well maybe by the time I get back to Minnesota it will all be gone???
I would actually be sad.
I am a pathetic retailer.... I never want my stuff to go

I do have way too much fun at my Barn

Crystal and glass...beautiful.

thanks for stopping....L


Donna said...

Lori, your vignettes take my breath away. Such inspiration. I could live in your barn! Next time I am up north I have to stop by and visit in person. Hope you are staying warm in this crazy weather we are having. Hugs:)

kleine-creative-Welt said...

oh such beautiful and charming decorations - I love it -
best wishes - Ruth

time worn interiors said...

The shop looks fabulous! I can't wait to see what you got in Atlanta!