Sound the alarm

Working on product placement on the webpage.
Check out the Vogue Boutique
and Linen chest for updated product.

More updates soon.

Lori ~ RBPCo.

Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

Did I tell you I carry miss mustard seed's milk paint.
I have told you, but if you are new to the blog... you may not know.
The look books are new... I just got in another stack.

They are absolutely fabulous.
In print and pictures - Everything you ever wanted to know about this paint line. It is so inspirational you will want to start painting everything in sight.... and I mean Everything.
I have painted...
furniture of course, but also...
fabric, jars, glass containers, buckets, vintage baby shoes...
a pair of my lace up boots...
my shades in my bedroom...
cupboards, doors, door knobs...
I told you I paint everything !!

I have my large paint display in the back of the store; however, I decided to do a small display right when you walk in the door... lets get people talking about this product.
Everyone needs to try it !!
If you are afraid... we do classes!!

workshops that will give you the confidence to paint away !!

All natural.
No VOC's which means no toxins, no harsh chemicals, no latex, no fumes and nothing artificial.
You can paint all winter. Indoors with no extra ventilation.
It is totally safe.

I am asked daily how this product differs from Chalk paint.  These two pictures are perfect examples... the milk paint doesn't have any additives that make it "grip" and adhere to slick surfaces, like those finished with a poly or semi-gloss paint, so when applied to those surfaces, it will resist. It will randomly flake or chip off, creating that authentic "chippy" look that we all love.

Chalk paint does not do that.

just beautiful

(all photos, except my display, are from the Look Book)

As I've said before...
come on in and get your paint on !!!!

Lori ~ RBPCo.

anything and nothing...

How to start ...
what to say..
I usually just start rambling about anything and nothing... which seems to be the case today. Sometimes it is all about the photograph... the vignette. At times it is about what is going on in my world....who knows.

the photo...
gray burlap rolls, vintage silver and a stack of fun white dishes.
Looks lovely.
the silver is displayed in a funky manner
... the LM Brand, I am told, is something as this... funky and unusual...

...the glitter bird has tipped... that is bothering me now...

oh well, it can't be about perfection.
If the art of display was about perfection, I would never be happy.
I think I am rambling on because I am sick again.
I know !! right !! enough already !!

I think I have been sick since November.
give-or-take a few days.
Seriously November.... it is now mid-January...
No, January is almost over...10 days left.
I don't know what is happening to my immune system this year.
I think it has left for sunny Florida. 

So, I am home ... candles burning...
not that I can smell anything, but it makes me feel better some how.
Comfy pillows and a blanket on the couch
....a box of Kleenex close by ...and my computer.

There is always something to do online...
Talking about online...
As the days are short and dark AND Cold up here in Minnesota, I start to think about the neglected online shop that I have. I never seem to have time to update the products !!! 
So much to do.  
I want to spread the word that I have started updating the product and I will continue to do so over the next few weeks.  AND I am now offering free shipping on most products !!!
Which is something new and exciting for those of you who live far away and can not visit the Barn.  I also want to add, you are always welcome to call or email me if you see something on the blog or the FB page and want me to ship it to you. We can't ship everything but we ship most things....I know how it is when you see something and you think...I Must Have That...
so be patient, check back often or just give us a call.

so pretty

We have been busy doing inventory here at the Barn for the last week - 10 days.  We are almost done, but If you have been in the Barn, you know the nightmare we have here to count the layer - upon layer of product. 
Yes. We hand count and add up the entire product line. 
Yes. It takes many people and many days.
Yes. We do get sick of counting.

Yes, I have a ton of inventory.

That is why I am having a store-wide Sale because I would rather not count it.

One of the main problems I am having right now is I can't re-vignette until everything is counted and inventory is finished.  Aaagh ... it is killing me.  Luckily, right before we started the counting process the cute RED dresser sold and I redid this vignette. 

whew... in the nick of time.
I love my bottle drying rack / coffee cup holder as a flower vase / caster display !!

Always something funky going on here at my Barn.

Don't you love white tulips in January.

And a chartreuse apron and hand towel.... They will brighten any kitchen.... 

Too Cute !!

Insulated lunch bag / reusable snack pouches

Hopefully we will finish the counting by Thursday, but the Sale will continue for a few more days.

My Goal to update the online web site will be underway this week also.
My hopes is to put on a ton of new product....way over due...

It is going to be in the 20's and 30's for the rest of the week and over the weekend !!

Enjoy and Cheers!!
Lori ~ RBPCo.

Happily Ever After

As I sit looking at my most recent blog post, I notice it was published LAST Saturday... last Saturday... it has been an entire week.  I truly meant to have this post... part 2... come out on Sunday or Monday. Not a week later. How in the world does a whole week go by in a moment. Especially in the middle of the deep freeze up here. You would think I have all the time in the world to sit at this computer.

I guess two jobs and family will do it to you.
That is my only explanation.
Life goes on.

I love these most Sassy heads of mine.
When I originally found them, they were not for sale. I only found a couple, so I wasn't willing to share. Good News... I picked up some more... YES !! So they are now for Sale... I will Share !!

Limited Quantities.
First Come - First Serve.

The Bride and Groom in a jar.
Fabulous - Very vintage themed.
Made by my friend Renee... available at the Barn - were else!!

This fabulous over-night case will be perfect on the honeymoon. It is actually much larger then a standard small makeup case, so it will fit all your brushes and mirrors and lotions....
The smaller one with the cute polka dots is a bit smaller.

I can't stand how cute they are.

The perfect gift for the traditional and nontraditional couple.
Love is Love
Everyone should have this fab porcelain ring dish.
It comes in it's own box... so nice.
Mr & Mrs  / Mr & Mr  / Mrs & Mrs  / To Have and To Hold 

If you are planning OR if you have been invited...
Come on in and I can help you put together an extra special gift.
I can also work with you on your table settings or gather those Vintage props for that special look you are going after. 

I am sad that I am not at the Atlanta Market.
It started last week and goes on for a few more days.
It is always a blast to start fresh with all those new finds....

When I decided to sell the business last Fall
(...2 full time jobs for the past 8 years is NO GOOD)
I guess I also decided to un-book my January reservation - so sad for me !!

Instead, I am home in -20 to - 40 degree temps, doing inventory in a cold Barn with hardly any customers.  At least we picked a good week to do inventory. 
I tell people, " I'd rather sell it then count it...."
... So our Sale continues through the weekend

Christmas 50 %
Winter/ Lodge 30 %
Gilded Life Sparkle 30 % 
Candles 20 %
Handbags / Scarves / Hats 30 %
Books 20 %


Our Holiday Hours are over...
During the harvest and Holiday Season we are open everyday.
Mid Jan - September we are closed on Mondays!!

Thanks for your order Robin !!
I really appreciate you !
It will ship on Monday.

True Love

I don't know why January makes me think of weddings.

After the Christmas and new Year's festivities, I always seem to make vignettes of winter weddings at my Barn.... I'm not sure why... I don't even know why I am questioning it actually...
Winter Weddings are Perfect !!

Anyway, I had a ton of fun pulling this one together. 

The " FAMILY" silverware art fit in perfect for the back drop.

and bows, burlap, pearls, paper tags, paper ribbon, porcelain dishes....candles.... I could go on and on. We had the perfect product on hand, I just had to look and gather... or as they say, Hunt and Gather

I love these lavender sachets

and the pearls are a must for any wedding table / decor.

I will have more photos on this hopefully tomorrow.  Now I have to cut it short and get back to work... 

Now on another note.....January / 1st issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living has arrived at the Barn.  
Let me know if you need a copy. 

Christine !!! So Sorry to hear about the lovely Alta.
Hugs to you and Mike

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...