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We have been busy doing inventory here at the Barn for the last week - 10 days.  We are almost done, but If you have been in the Barn, you know the nightmare we have here to count the layer - upon layer of product. 
Yes. We hand count and add up the entire product line. 
Yes. It takes many people and many days.
Yes. We do get sick of counting.

Yes, I have a ton of inventory.

That is why I am having a store-wide Sale because I would rather not count it.

One of the main problems I am having right now is I can't re-vignette until everything is counted and inventory is finished.  Aaagh ... it is killing me.  Luckily, right before we started the counting process the cute RED dresser sold and I redid this vignette. 

whew... in the nick of time.
I love my bottle drying rack / coffee cup holder as a flower vase / caster display !!

Always something funky going on here at my Barn.

Don't you love white tulips in January.

And a chartreuse apron and hand towel.... They will brighten any kitchen.... 

Too Cute !!

Insulated lunch bag / reusable snack pouches

Hopefully we will finish the counting by Thursday, but the Sale will continue for a few more days.

My Goal to update the online web site will be underway this week also.
My hopes is to put on a ton of new product....way over due...

It is going to be in the 20's and 30's for the rest of the week and over the weekend !!

Enjoy and Cheers!!
Lori ~ RBPCo.

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