Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint

Did I tell you I carry miss mustard seed's milk paint.
I have told you, but if you are new to the blog... you may not know.
The look books are new... I just got in another stack.

They are absolutely fabulous.
In print and pictures - Everything you ever wanted to know about this paint line. It is so inspirational you will want to start painting everything in sight.... and I mean Everything.
I have painted...
furniture of course, but also...
fabric, jars, glass containers, buckets, vintage baby shoes...
a pair of my lace up boots...
my shades in my bedroom...
cupboards, doors, door knobs...
I told you I paint everything !!

I have my large paint display in the back of the store; however, I decided to do a small display right when you walk in the door... lets get people talking about this product.
Everyone needs to try it !!
If you are afraid... we do classes!!

workshops that will give you the confidence to paint away !!

All natural.
No VOC's which means no toxins, no harsh chemicals, no latex, no fumes and nothing artificial.
You can paint all winter. Indoors with no extra ventilation.
It is totally safe.

I am asked daily how this product differs from Chalk paint.  These two pictures are perfect examples... the milk paint doesn't have any additives that make it "grip" and adhere to slick surfaces, like those finished with a poly or semi-gloss paint, so when applied to those surfaces, it will resist. It will randomly flake or chip off, creating that authentic "chippy" look that we all love.

Chalk paint does not do that.

just beautiful

(all photos, except my display, are from the Look Book)

As I've said before...
come on in and get your paint on !!!!

Lori ~ RBPCo.

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