I was told yesterday, you have to toot your own horn.

Tell everyone what you've got....

Get it out there...

Lately, I have been all about shopping local.
Support the small guy who is trying to bring something special to your neighborhood.
They work hard and sometimes they need more then just complements.

So, Shop is a good thing. 

On another note.
... period new paragraph.
 I was playing in the garden the other day ... thought I would share...

love this pink chippy bistro chair

my bench is over run by this one basket of flowers...

pouty baby sits in the big basket....

a shot of the front corner of my house...

a gathering of peonies 

my favorite "faces vase"

this is my newest - vintage vase.
a gift from my sister for my birthday...
love the color !!

Love it all.

Summer is good.

the sale of all sales starts Friday.
I can't wait for it to start so that it can be done.

My mind is about to burst with all the Re-Make ideas for the Barn. 
They are all on hold until this sale is over.

I want to play..

Lori - RBPCo.

Jeanne d'Arc Living - August ~ issue 8, 2013

I love when the covers have a pop of color.
Issue 8 is on the way to the Barn.

Call to reserve your copy or check out the online shop to have it shipped.

Looks like another fabulous issue.

I still have a few issues left #5, #6, #7

ta-ta lots to do....

Lori - RBPCo. 

dog days of summer.

Dog days of summer.
A slow time of year.
And Yep, It is hot.

We are unpacking many - many shipments of Christmas!!

But don't worry, it doesn't hit the sales floor until November. 
It isn't a bad thing to do, unpack beautiful glittery glam, as you sit in front of the fan. It really is too hot to do anything else.  The Barn doesn't have air conditioning, it does stay relatively cool until about 3 pm. Then it's all over, it turns into a furnace inside... we have a sign that we hang 
"too HOT - went to the Lake"

It gets hung on the door when we leave early.

As It is still summer here at the Barn, we still have that look going on, but I can't wait to move on to harvest season....

I am a sucker for the black, white and bright green combination.

To touch base on the 2 day sale that I mentioned last post.  
Last year was the first year. I didn't know what to expect.
It was crazy. It was HOT.... the line was long and constant until 2 pm on that Friday.
It was still hot but more relaxed after that.
Saturday was constant and the lines were manageable. 
Doors closed. 

The week before, those who couldn't make it in during the 2 day sale came in and bought the goods that they wanted, they knew it would all be gone after the sale. Some tried to hide things under tables and behind large art work.  Some came in for hours with paper and pen and made notes and wrote down everything that they couldn't live without.... gifts...soaps... lotions...  After all, it isn't often a brick and mortar store does a 50% off Sale.

I also give my employees and my volunteers (that help with the sale) the opportunity to shop early. They are allowed to come on Thursday 2 hours only....4 pm - 6 pm.  I had a few customers who wanted in on this ... to beat the crowds and the heat.... they were charged a one time $10 fee.  Those who paid enjoyed the quiet and avoided the crowds...they also spent as much as the entire days receipts on Saturday. They were the serious lovers of the Barn. They came early and left with treasures. Some traveled from neighboring states and came Friday morning, Friday evening and Saturday !!!

Also, I want to mention.... the sale is 2 days only. Last year I heard every excuse in the book why they couldn't attend the sale AND why they expected to be honored the sale price the day that they came in.... Some came in as much as a week after the event was over... 
Good Golly Molly!
No Sir
The event is for 2 days and then it is back to business as usual.

Oh boy, it is coming up fast...

Aug 2 and 3

After that, deconstruct the entire shop and rebuild for Fall.

Lori - RBPCo.

set the stage

I love this old chair
... the fabric... love it... she is here just in time for me to start thinking about fall. 
if She is still here next month, she will fit in perfect with all the harvest themes
.... and the yellow table

So FuN 

be your own decorator ...
if you can't we are always here to help

friends coming for dinner...
no problem, make them feel special with all your little touches.
set the stage....

i am having one of those lazy days....
playing catch up

making my lists
and finally starting to cross  things off.
Love to cross things off. 
makes me smile.

Now before I go, I need to tell you about the event I am planning.
I did it last year for the first time, although it was a success, I wasn't sure if we would do it again.

Decision made. 
I am doing it....

 50% off store wide sale
2 days only !!!
2 days means 2 days...don't line up on Sunday and expect the sale....

Save the Date:

August 2 - 3 
Friday and Saturday 

Tell your friends
come early
stay late
first come - first serve
No holds or pre-sales
No other discounts apply.

Sorry, no shipping or online orders apply.

Lori - RBPCo.

Mid - July

Mid July
Loven' this weather. Normally July is very hot and the humidity is high - like most of the Midwest.
This year, which has been the craziest of all years for weather, July has been pure heaven.

I am talking cool nights, warm sun filled days and no humidity.
No complaints from this one....
even the Barn has been bustling with folks with smiles on their faces and projects on their minds.
No lazy summer days here. We have to play catch up!!!

summer entertaining is in full swing

I wish I had a bottle of white right now !!!

I am working on an upcoming event here at the Barn AND trying to finish up my last minute Christmas orders.... yep Christmas.  I usually do almost all of my ordering in Jan - March, but this year I feel like I am not finished..... like the commercial...
" I need More! I need More ! " 

season of the Fleur

If you can't grow them - paint them !!

Cute little wooden plaques

Sorry the No Parking sign lasted about 3 days....

this cute chippy bird bath and fabulous light greenish-blue, metal, fountain chair are both still available

the birds will love this house !!

And this chair....Eek ! Love it !!

Super chippy.
Fabulous color combinations

See you soon !!!

Lori - RBPCo.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...