Mid - July

Mid July
Loven' this weather. Normally July is very hot and the humidity is high - like most of the Midwest.
This year, which has been the craziest of all years for weather, July has been pure heaven.

I am talking cool nights, warm sun filled days and no humidity.
No complaints from this one....
even the Barn has been bustling with folks with smiles on their faces and projects on their minds.
No lazy summer days here. We have to play catch up!!!

summer entertaining is in full swing

I wish I had a bottle of white right now !!!

I am working on an upcoming event here at the Barn AND trying to finish up my last minute Christmas orders.... yep Christmas.  I usually do almost all of my ordering in Jan - March, but this year I feel like I am not finished..... like the commercial...
" I need More! I need More ! " 


Brenda said...

I too have been enjoying the unusually cool with low humidity weather here in Iowa. Your shop looks great, as usual!

White Lace and Promises said...

Love your shop. The window is my favorite. Oh my, the weather in Georgia is high humidity, hot and rainy every day for 3 weeks! We had over 10 inches in two weeks. The corn looks great though!

Layer it on. Change it up.

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