too early....bring the garden in doors

Another day of Cold... another storm on the way...
2"-3" of snow. Yikes.
At least I have my Barn. I can turn on the lights, turn on the music and play all day long. I decided to bring in the mulch and the stepping stones and make another indoor garden.

A few new bird houses, some aged terra cotta...

... add a few mushrooms, moss rocks, some burlap

more lovely pots

Love... see you soon

Help... I am planning a junking road trip and I need some HOT spots to swing into. I'll be driving back to Minnesota from Kansas City with my mom and sister and we will be on a mission. If any of you know of any great spots we need to hit, or if you own your own shop and have fun Vintage ~ architectural pieces that you are willing to part with...please let me know. I especially am on a hunt for the lovely ladies - pictured, and some upholstered furniture pieces.

Spring project no. 1

Don't you love these pillows!! My bedroom has been predominately black and white for a while now, so it was easy to incorporate the Grey and white. My new favorite colors. I was so inspired by these pillows that I decided to do a fun new project inside last Saturday morning before heading to the store.

Wa - la...don't you love it. I had to free hand the numbers because the stencils didn't work so well with the raised panels. A little crude but fun all the same. I think my large cabinet in the bedroom will be next to get a fun touch up... project # 2

My little Girly - Girl. Usually camera shy. This is a rare capture on film. After I took this picture she ran and shook in my husbands arms. Goofy dog.

Hello Spring

The snow is gone...hello spring. It's not that I was waiting for a warm sunny day to get outside and revamp the window boxes, I was actually waiting for them to thaw...they were frozen solid until this week. Finally, a sixty degree day. Oh, how I love Minnesota spring. Maybe because we have waited so long and it was so cold and we had so much snow...
To early to plant; however, a crop of junk has sprouted. Too fun.

Nothing gets left behind, if it stands still it gets repainted, refreshed, re~vignetted.
Where are all the red geraniums when you need them...

Welcome... more garden

Junque Jewels

fresh new designer... Co. 236 ...Love

March's here

The Marts magasinet ~ Jeanne d' Arc has finally arrived. I have a limited quantity that I will be selling at the store and shipping to those of you who can't make it to the shop.

While most of our favorite magazines are closing their doors, we are all looking for something to fill the void. This magazine is from Denmark and is printed in Danish, but the pictures, as shown above, are the inspiration for spring to come that we are all craving. A chance to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and dream for awhile.

Outside looking in

Baby it's cold outside... how many times does this thought replay, over and over. Yikes, well here is proof...this last week has been darn cold -30 degree wind chill one day.
...think spring, think spring
Some of you remember the red bike from earlier posts. Here is how I came upon him last Friday. The temperature was on the rise and the sun was out, so the snow on the roof was melting quickly; however, it was freezing again as soon as it made contact with anything on the ground.

Natures Beauty

this honeysuckle had a crown of ice

...then you come inside and you can breathe again...warmth...color...spring...inspiration.

With french garden being my theme this season, we have lots of black and white and lots of gray and white. With these background colors the Yellow just pops...Love

my new Scotties are not lasting long

the crazy sticks are still my favorites

French books and pillows...the look is Hot

...and fast approaching, Easter

love the hat box and the of a kind...more on that artist in a future post

even the cute guys come to visit when the weather is an old Barn after all...the hounds are welcome!

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...