Outside looking in

Baby it's cold outside... how many times does this thought replay, over and over. Yikes, well here is proof...this last week has been darn cold -30 degree wind chill one day.
...think spring, think spring
Some of you remember the red bike from earlier posts. Here is how I came upon him last Friday. The temperature was on the rise and the sun was out, so the snow on the roof was melting quickly; however, it was freezing again as soon as it made contact with anything on the ground.

Natures Beauty

this honeysuckle had a crown of ice

...then you come inside and you can breathe again...warmth...color...spring...inspiration.

With french garden being my theme this season, we have lots of black and white and lots of gray and white. With these background colors the Yellow just pops...Love

my new Scotties are not lasting long

the crazy sticks are still my favorites

French books and pillows...the look is Hot

...and fast approaching, Easter

love the hat box and the bunny...one of a kind...more on that artist in a future post

even the cute guys come to visit when the weather warms...it is an old Barn after all...the hounds are welcome!

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