Help... I am planning a junking road trip and I need some HOT spots to swing into. I'll be driving back to Minnesota from Kansas City with my mom and sister and we will be on a mission. If any of you know of any great spots we need to hit, or if you own your own shop and have fun Vintage ~ architectural pieces that you are willing to part with...please let me know. I especially am on a hunt for the lovely ladies - pictured, and some upholstered furniture pieces.


JB Knacker said...

Hi Lori,
Why don't you stop by JB Knacker on your way home from Kansas City. We are located shortly off I35 north of Ames, Iowa. You can take the Ames 13th ST exit off of I35 and follow Duff Av/Hwy 69 through Ames (it turns into Grand AV) and then you go 4 miles N to the Gilbert corner, turn L and go 'til you hit Main Street.
I do have 2 "pretty ladies" right now. One is a decoupaged sewing form (she will be at the local hospital Gala until April 5th or so). The other is a turn of the century gal that has a wire bottom. I too am always on the lookout for some upholstered pieces and have a few on hand currently and a sofa at the upholsterer as we speak. Lots of other fun stuff ~ all vintage. Have a fun road trip! Brenda (515) 520-0344

lori miller vintage design co said...

Thanks Brenda,
We will drop in for sure...I'll have to call you and get your hours. We may need to set up a private tour :) It sounds like you are right on the way.

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