The dust has settled at the old home front.
The flurry of packages being opened has ended.
The food and drink served.

The guests have left.
Another successful Christmas.

At the Barn, we are still selling like mad... which is good, because the misfit ornaments still need a good home. At the home front, I now have time to sit back and enjoy the decor.
 Enjoy the peace.
Enjoy the Season before it too is gone.

Paper and pearls.

I love the paper made goods ... mix in a few vintage elements and pure beauty
before your eyes

Although the paper trees are long since sold, the pearls on the wire strands are still in abundance at the Barn.  We will be doing our 50% Sale on Christmas goods until the end of the year.

Sat 10 - 5 pm
Sun & Mon 12 - 5 pm
Tue 10 - 5 pm
Wednesday, Jan 1st Closed
Normal business hours after the Holidays

Relax and Enjoy - Cheers

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.

Enjoy the simple things in Life.

Create. Smile. Enjoy.

Home is safety, warmth and Love.


and to all a good night.


New Year ~ Jeanne d'Arc Living

I can not believe we are starting the new year ALREADY 
but they are here.... the J d'Arc living ~ 2014 issues have arrived.

here we go again. 

The first issue is always my Favorite.

little touches of heaven

due to the long lines at the post office
AND the over worked staff
.... I will be waiting and shipping these out After Christmas.

Come to think of it, it is the January issue - it should arrive in January.

Happy. Happy. We have a couple issues left at the Barn.


12 days of Christmas

The 12 days of Christmas is popular this year.

For us, at the Barn, we wanted to share in the giving and receiving.

Everyday we increase the amount of savings on our Christmas Goods.

We HAVE been doing this savings extravaganza for the 12 days of Christmas.

Today, Sunday - December 22 we are at 38% off
Monday - December 23 it goes to 40% off

Tuesday, Christmas Eve, we are opened limited hours for last minute gifts, savings and gift certificates !!
It is all about Family time
10 am - 2 pm 

After Christmas we will be offering a 50% discount
while the goods last.


In my part of the World it is a beautiful Saturday morning.
Not too cold, about 20 degrees.
A tad bit over cast and they are saying we are going to get more snow.

I honestly don't mind snow as long as I am not driving in it during rush hour.
If I am home - it is such a beautiful thing.

This vignette is so simple.
It is winter in all it's glory.

Pine and birch -  a touch of winter
clocks - a dash of something you love
 outdoor statuary and a new bud - a reminder of what is to come 

... back to my Saturday...
This morning I am going to catch up on the computer, make some cookies and then have a gift wrapping flurry. We are having a family get together this evening.
Fun, laughs, hugs...
all the babies will be there - SMILE

Loads of food and good times.

My house is too small to host the entire family.
Unless, we are outside in the summer, winter - not so much.

This time of year, I love the tarnished silver and bringing the outdoor angels in.
It adds that special touch during the winter.

Stay warm. Stay dry. Stay safe.



We're getting closer...

One week from now ...

I couldn't tell if the picture above is blurry or if it is my eyes.
Good Lord, hello Monday.

My friend Kim sent me a message to send up a flare if I was still around.  
Too funny. I have been busy.
It's hard to keep going on all fronts, too many hats.
I feel, like everyone else I am sure, so far behind.

We're still plugging alone at the Barn.
In fact our 12 days of Christmas Sale is going strong, and I think, it is appreciated.
Everybody likes a good Sale.

Today our Christmas product is up to 26% off
everyday we raise the sale by 2 %
FUN !!

As we warm up this week, I anticipate moving out some furniture pieces.
These next three are fabulous !!
Painted by my friend Linda !!

She wants them to sell....I kind of like having them around.

Even my Rosemary is putting on the Fancy.

Happy Monday.

Lori - RBPCo.


Maybe you need just one ball.

... hopefully you need more because I am loaded at the Barn.

Today we are doing 30 % the glass ball orniments.

Tomorrow we start our 12 days of Christmas sale
12 days of Christmas means our sale goes up everyday for the 12 days before Christmas.
How fun is that.

So, everyday you come in our Christmas goodies will be on sale.

Who doesn't love to decorate at Christmas time.

Look at all my RED balls.
I love them in clusters.

We have Gold, Brown, Lime green, white, light Blue and Red.

Come stock up before they are GONE.

12 days of Christmas starts tomorrow
Friday 20 % off
everyday the sale increases by 2 % by Dec 18 we will be at 30%
and by Dec 23 40%

Holiday Hours
12/24 close at 2 pm
12/25 closed
12/26 open 10 - 6 Christmas 50% off

Vintage Holiday Market

It's Here !
Our Holiday Market - the first Sale of the season.

Come in and experience an Array of fabulous Round Barn Splendor !
- At a discount - it doesn't get any better !

this funky free-standing Mantle
great size. will fit almost any where...maybe even the bathroom !!

the Birch vases probably caught your eye ... I know they caught mine.
Many different sizes to choose from... yes, part of the Sale

love this super sized arched window

we are loaded with gifts for all ages !

eeek Love !
individual or packs of 6 to send to all of your Welliest friends

my lovely Lola

December 6 - 8

Vintage Holiday Market

come find some treasures and enjoy some treats

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...