We're getting closer...

One week from now ...

I couldn't tell if the picture above is blurry or if it is my eyes.
Good Lord, hello Monday.

My friend Kim sent me a message to send up a flare if I was still around.  
Too funny. I have been busy.
It's hard to keep going on all fronts, too many hats.
I feel, like everyone else I am sure, so far behind.

We're still plugging alone at the Barn.
In fact our 12 days of Christmas Sale is going strong, and I think, it is appreciated.
Everybody likes a good Sale.

Today our Christmas product is up to 26% off
everyday we raise the sale by 2 %
FUN !!

As we warm up this week, I anticipate moving out some furniture pieces.
These next three are fabulous !!
Painted by my friend Linda !!

She wants them to sell....I kind of like having them around.

Even my Rosemary is putting on the Fancy.

Happy Monday.

Lori - RBPCo.

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