Maybe you need just one ball.

... hopefully you need more because I am loaded at the Barn.

Today we are doing 30 % the glass ball orniments.

Tomorrow we start our 12 days of Christmas sale
12 days of Christmas means our sale goes up everyday for the 12 days before Christmas.
How fun is that.

So, everyday you come in our Christmas goodies will be on sale.

Who doesn't love to decorate at Christmas time.

Look at all my RED balls.
I love them in clusters.

We have Gold, Brown, Lime green, white, light Blue and Red.

Come stock up before they are GONE.

12 days of Christmas starts tomorrow
Friday 20 % off
everyday the sale increases by 2 % by Dec 18 we will be at 30%
and by Dec 23 40%

Holiday Hours
12/24 close at 2 pm
12/25 closed
12/26 open 10 - 6 Christmas 50% off


White Lace and Promises said...

I wish I lived closer. Such pretty vignettes to choose from and a nice idea. I think I'll try it.

Jana Johnson Label said...

Your Peace on the Wall is great!
Could you send me a picture?? I'm already planning for next year. :)
Thank you so much,

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