In my part of the World it is a beautiful Saturday morning.
Not too cold, about 20 degrees.
A tad bit over cast and they are saying we are going to get more snow.

I honestly don't mind snow as long as I am not driving in it during rush hour.
If I am home - it is such a beautiful thing.

This vignette is so simple.
It is winter in all it's glory.

Pine and birch -  a touch of winter
clocks - a dash of something you love
 outdoor statuary and a new bud - a reminder of what is to come 

... back to my Saturday...
This morning I am going to catch up on the computer, make some cookies and then have a gift wrapping flurry. We are having a family get together this evening.
Fun, laughs, hugs...
all the babies will be there - SMILE

Loads of food and good times.

My house is too small to host the entire family.
Unless, we are outside in the summer, winter - not so much.

This time of year, I love the tarnished silver and bringing the outdoor angels in.
It adds that special touch during the winter.

Stay warm. Stay dry. Stay safe.



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Wall Flower Studio said...

Charming displays!
Your photos are inspirational, and your blog is a pleasure to visit!
Merry Christmas. :)

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