the birds are chirping

The birds were so loud this morning.
I love to hear the chirping.

It was cold and rainy here for most of the weekend, but it is supposed to be a nice week coming up.  The sun gets me so energized.  I don't know about you, but I put a lot of things off for the rainy day.... although, the rainy days drain my energy and I don't get anything done.... rainy days are made for blankets and books.

... back to the birds...

they made me think of this post I wanted to share

my cute little red bird

I love this case... it must come home to my new studio

did I tell you I am doing a studio at home...
almost time to move in...

photos soon.


Happy Monday.

I am off to the hospital...and then the Barn.
See you later.


The VOGUE Boutique

I have been away.

No, not really away, just really busy!!
Sometimes there is not any extra time in the day to jump on the computer.  Sometimes... it rolls into multiple days.

I know I have talked about my Vogue Boutique before, but I feel like I haven't shared pictures in awhile.  We are having our semi-annual Sale within the Vogue Boutique so I snapped a few photos to share and to entice.

Now that I need the cheaters to see anything and everything I had to start carrying a preppy vintage look.... so fun.

what is a Vogue Boutique without a chaise lounge chair and plenty of sparkle

even bling in jars!!!


fashion.... couture

pink, gray, white, and black

now for summer tees AND tanks



and jewels

and more jewels

and even MORE jewels

handbags ....

all on sale

love this look.... necklace on the purse...
so sassy.

Now that you have had a peek... what do you think!!

I just went to market and I have so much more in!!!
Can't wait to share... another day.

The May issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living just arrived!!!
It is Fabulous.
I will try and get more photos of that also....
I think I have a few issues still available on line and at the Barn.

The sale 30% off ALL handbags, totes and scarves continues until MAY 04

see you soon.
It's Friday.... enjoy your weekend.


Back at the Barn

I thought maybe you needed a little Barn time.

My last few posts have been away from the Barn. I have been there playing.... let me show you some fun goodies.

I recently went to market to order some Christmas product and guess who's displays have large birch trees arranged just so... I guess even the big designers look at AND seek inspiration from the little guy...
what would they do without our blogs...

I love the colors here
black and white with explosions of greens and greys

fun zinc pots

get ready to mark all of your herbs

I don't want to forget to mention the May issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living is available online.

all photos property of Lori Miller and the Round Barn Potting Company

This week actually the rest of April
ALL tote bags, purses AND scarves 30 % off.

Finally, some sunshine and warmth after days of cold, wind and rain (and snow)

Makes me Smile!!

~ L

drink French fluently

I just started a new adaptation of my job working with the heart doc's... adding another hospital in the mix. 

My favorite part of this new adventure is my drive in and out of Minneapolis.

The hospital itself is right in the middle of downtown Minneapolis.
I prefer to drive the long way around and go through the Warehouse District.
I almost crashed the car when I came upon this billboard.

I love IT !
This is a fabulous Ad...
the colors, the layout, the vintage....

and then there is this building that caught my eye....
there are actually so many with such architectural character....
this one had such charm

I love how they painted the signage right over the brick wall...

the fire escape...
there were better views but it was so cold out I decided to just park it in my car and shoot the pictures.

I will be collecting more photos on a warmer day.
I am such a fair weather person.
It can't be too cold.... too windy.... too hot....
you know how it is.

Remember, learn to drink French fluently.
I love it!

Rainy and Cold here. Good day to go shopping at the Barn.


Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...