Jeanne d'Arc Living - 6th issue coming soon

I was going to do this post and say the 6th issue was on the way...
but I just received a call from the shop AND IT has Arrived.

Funny, because it always comes late on a Friday.

Keeps me hopping.

Oh how I want this beauty in my kitchen....

So I have not seen the June issue yet, but I am on my way soon to grab my copy!!

I love when the summer issues start rolling in.
The climate in Denmark is much like ours in Minnesota.
We only have summer .... sunshine and warm planting weather, for a short time, so we both value
 every sun filled minute.

we are so far behind here this year
the Iris's are just starting to bloom.

call to reserve your issue...
or the online shop has a few issues left.

I just did a kitchen re-make... can't wait to show pictures.

ta-ta for now.

Lori - RBPCo.

French Cafe

Wouldn't it be Grand to be sitting street side at a French Cafe.

Actually, any street side cafe.
With the sun shining. 

I would even go sit on the curb, in front of my house, with a cup of coffee that I made, if it would only be sunny and above 60 degrees.


Try as I may to brighten the inside of the Barn.... I need a little sun to re-charge my batteries and become motivated.  Last week, we did get an afternoon with the big yellow fella shining down on us, and I took action.  Re-inventing a fabulous area..... 

check out this funky side table - my friend, Vern, made the table....
the bottom sports an old ceiling fixture.

whites with bright orange
fabulous !!

I love my Paris rooster.... heavy metal....

I love these little white plates....
they have a lip so they are almost like a bowl...
great for fruit ... or, I just used them to serve warmed brownies with chocolate sauce drizzle.
And because of the petite serving dish they looked calorie free.

Thanks for stopping....

They next issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living is on the way
... issue 6 - Summer Time

my inventory shows # 5 - 2 issues
      # 4 - 4 issues

I am off to clean my bathrooms - Ugh... and then a little treat...
the garden center for some plant time.

Lori - RBPCo. 

Spring into Cleaning

The SUN is out today !

It makes me want to throw open the windows and start cleaning.

I just got in this funky book...
A guide to natural Housekeeping.

It really is fun. It has some great ideas for keeping things "green" and some super organic choices.

It also has some great display pictures.

My favorite...

great gift idea for the hard to buy for, practical ones.

I hope the sun continues to shine...

See you around.

Lori - RBPCo.

I'm jumping right to summer...

Hello. Happy Wednesday !!
I am jumping right into summer !

Our March was like January and now our May is like March...
Cold and rain.... ugh (48 degrees today)
BUT I am changing my attitude. THIS will pass. The SUN will shine.

Jumping into summer with a margarita. Doesn't it sound so good.
We are selling this fabulous mix that has a hint of jalapeno pepper.
It is fabulous....
Bring on the sun.

the bloody mary mix is also super good.

It's always fun to get some new product in at the Barn.

You should see this table now... (pictures were takin a few weeks ago)
...we are down to bare bones. I need to reorder this stuff soon... even the cute child's chair is sold.

come in and stock up for the long weekend - before everything is gone.

Hope to see you soon.

Lori - RBPCo.

...and in walks Ralphy

The newest addition at the Barn.
Ralphy and his friends.

We like to have our fun at the Potting Company

Pigs with wings, nestled with Pixies with red hats...
who would think of such a thing...?

They are looking for gardens and a front porch or two, to continue their crazy adventure.

Pixies imported from Denmark.
Ralphy and Co. here from Ohio.

School's not quite out, but soon !!
Start planning for your graduation party .

I'm in the garden today.
Yippee, another nice day!!

Lori - RBPCo. 

fly away

Hello. Hello.
Another week behind us.
Another successful, wonderful, beautiful Mother's day spent with the family. 

Besides my love of fashion and home decor books....
I am digging fun little children's books.

They are so cute!!

Not much happening this week on my end.

Shipping lots of books and treats across the country.
Flipping all the tables at the Barn... one week they are good and then the next week... shambles !!

Jd'Arc news 
I still have a couple copies of both April and May (4th & 5th) issues
Brilliant Reuse 5 copies left

Fun stuff coming in this week
see you soon.


vintage silver art

For the love of Vintage Flatware.

I LoVE, mix and match, highly Tarnished, old silver.

So much so, that I created a line of vintage silver wall ART.
They are only available at the Barn. They are NOT sold anywhere else.
Lori Miller - exclusive

Canvas in all sizes... special orders are taken via email
or phone order.
Barn 763.427.5321

They were a big hit at my Junk Bonanza sale.
6 different styles

If you are into smaller sizes with loads of texture, I do have a few 10x12's shown with cardboard and wood back drops.
Also, 4x6 and 5x7 postcards

All available for your home
The quality is so good, most people have to touch them... thinking it is old Barn wood. 
It is fun to hear..."oh my goodness... it's on canvas..."

I just wanted to share this with you in case you are looking for that special Mother's day gift.  I can hardly believe it is the 7th of May and Mother's day is this weekend.
Boy oh Boy... this spring has flown by.

lots to do...must get busy
see you soon.

Lori - RBPCo.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...