...and in walks Ralphy

The newest addition at the Barn.
Ralphy and his friends.

We like to have our fun at the Potting Company

Pigs with wings, nestled with Pixies with red hats...
who would think of such a thing...?

They are looking for gardens and a front porch or two, to continue their crazy adventure.

Pixies imported from Denmark.
Ralphy and Co. here from Ohio.

School's not quite out, but soon !!
Start planning for your graduation party .

I'm in the garden today.
Yippee, another nice day!!

Lori - RBPCo. 


Brenda said...

I LOVE all your touches of red. Ralphy is a real cutie pig.

Malinda Tamlyn said...

I've only just found you. I love all your photo's. I did not realize you were so close. I am definitely stopping by. See you soon!
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Reuzeit Emporium

lori miller vintage design co said...

Yes. Stop in Malinda.

My pictures really don't do the shop justice.


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