Jeanne d'Arc Living - 6th issue coming soon

I was going to do this post and say the 6th issue was on the way...
but I just received a call from the shop AND IT has Arrived.

Funny, because it always comes late on a Friday.

Keeps me hopping.

Oh how I want this beauty in my kitchen....

So I have not seen the June issue yet, but I am on my way soon to grab my copy!!

I love when the summer issues start rolling in.
The climate in Denmark is much like ours in Minnesota.
We only have summer .... sunshine and warm planting weather, for a short time, so we both value
 every sun filled minute.

we are so far behind here this year
the Iris's are just starting to bloom.

call to reserve your issue...
or the online shop has a few issues left.

I just did a kitchen re-make... can't wait to show pictures.

ta-ta for now.

Lori - RBPCo.

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