love is in the air

I am Loving all the vintage flair going on with Weddings these days !!

Super fun.
I have multiple tables and props at the Barn
 ready to excite you Wedding planners...

pearls and flowers
linens and lace
tureens and cake stands
old chairs and lamps

inspiration... for sure

and if you need more visual help...
we have books and magazines
and more books !!!

5 th issue / MAY
Jeanne d'Arc Living arrived a little late but I have a few copies left
both in store and online
now $15.95

The Barn is now closed on Mondays
May - August
so plan your trip....
Tuesday - Sunday

The Yard Sale ... in a BaRN continues on Tuesday.

Enjoy the Sun.
Beautiful in Minnesota today !!
I can't wait to leave the hospital today and go clean out more gardens.

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