chirp - they are singing - time for a road trip

They are singing.

We love the birds.  We notice, in the spring, when they return and start to sing.
Maybe it's because most leave for the winter OR because we are shut up in our homes, with windows tightly closed.

One thing for sure, in Minnesota, we love when the birds return.

befriend a flock... feed the birds

and when the green comes up in our gardens....

smile. Smile. happy. Happy.

I mentioned earlier that we are planning an event.
The first event this year at the BaRN.


and it's a store-wide SaLE
.... everyone loves That.

In fact, they line up for a store-wide SaLE.
I think it is time for a road trip !!!
Come one - Come ALL

We are having a YARD SALE ... in the BaRN.

How fun is that!

Here are the details.

All Barn Product 25% off
Floral 30% off
Scarves & Handbags 40% off

some artisan items exempt
discount in store only.

Art. Books. Rugs. Candles. Dishes.
Floral. journals. Birdbaths. Soap.
Lotions.  Tees and jackets.
Jewels. Scarves. Bags.

Bring your friends... the more the merrier.
Inspiration is free.

Starts Thursday, May 02

Lori - RBPCo.

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