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Hello. Good morning. Thanks for stopping by.

Part of the fun of doing a show (Junk Bonanza) is the fact you get to RE- Vignette your booth twice a day.  There is something about using the same props but inventing a whole new look in a matter of minutes.  I had so much fun that I came back to the Barn and re-invented a whole new room.



Let me show you.....

I started with hanging this fabulous map... don't ask how I got it up by myself.

And then I built this bookshelf wall with parts and scraps and boxes that I could scrounge up...

Again, don't ask how I managed this by myself.
When there is a will THERE is A WAY.


A place for my treasures... my books.

There is something about the printed page.
I prefer a book to the computer.... any day.

There are so many talented people out there...

part of the Yard Sale ... in a Barn promotion
 that we are doing now includes the books. 
Let me tell you, everyone loves when the books are on sale !!!

We have something for everyone, but I only buy the books I like.... as you can see, I like a LOT.

... and this is only half of the titles.
I have piles of books scattered throughout the Barn.

Mixed in all kinds of vignettes.

I hope you enjoyed a look at my new space...
It's the first place I go with my cup of coffee when I land at the Barn every day.
To the back... my refreshed space.

I stand and drink it in.

Love the Barn.

See you soon.

Remember.... sale continues until Tuesday.
( closed Monday)

Storewide 25 % off
Floral 30% off
Scarves and Handbags 40% discount

(artisan and jdarc exceptions)

Lori - RBPCo.

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