winter growth

Dreaming of some winter growth.

I can't believe January is coming to an end.

However, I must admit, I secretly celebrate when January is over...
too cold AND it is one month closer to spring!!!

more refreshed goodness...
As I mentioned, new product and vintage goods arrive daily.

I love this small windowed wall

perfect back drop for a vignette

I lined up some birch logs to fill the inside of the large mantle.

It looks great with the books in front

pink martini glasses for that special night....
I also have champagne glasses in pink... 

a good spot to curl up with your favorite ...or soon to be favorite, Jeanne d'Arc Living Book from Denmark.

a fun window treatment...I think so

Here it is 
just in from Denmark.

The first Easter book in print from Jeanne d'Arc Living

It is loaded with fabulous spring / Easter photos
And Inspiration.... like you have never seen.

Come get your copy before they are gone!!


Also available on line

see you

the love of lavender


Happy Sunday.

I love my Sunday mornings when I am not at the Hospital doing rounds.
I am now comfy - cozy, settled in front of the computer, with a batch of chocolate chip cookies in the oven.

Yum. Smells good.
I can't wait to have one with my coffee.

I actually had a day off before I went to market to refresh the Barn a bit.

Love to rip things down and refresh.

This area in the Barn is one of my favorite spots to play.
The walls and floor are painted white AND the area is filled with Lavender...

Love it here!!

looking forward to a little planting...

do you obsess over vintage boxes as I do... 

the lavender  

loads of products....

I bet you can smell it from where you are...
If not,  I can ship you some....
I also have some fresh lavender and rose boxed potpourri just in from France.
(sorry no picture)....(yet) But heavenly!!!

JdArc Living news/inventory ....
Dec 2012 issue  - 3
Jan 2013 - sold out
Feb 2013 - just in - 8 left
Perpetual calendar/ address hard cover book - 4
Easter Hardcover book - just in - 10

Finally, our cold snap - 20 degrees has passed, so maybe we can get some action at the Barn.
 It is so hard to get out and want to shop when it is that cold.  But if you are like me....holed up, I start looking and thinking about painting and refreshing the house....

New goods arriving daily...
see you soon.

Misc. ~ Just in

Oh Sweet Temptations...

on a cold January day...

This gets me in the mood for travel.
Why am I still here when it is -20 degrees outside.

Why am I not packing my bag....
Two jobs and a big dog to take of... might be why
just got back from market...
hummm didn't get any sunshine there...

 I'm going to have to start planning. The little clutch bag looks like it needs an adventure...

Not much to report today just working hard at staying warm.

Not only is it so cold outside, they are saying that it is unsafe, but my heat at the Barn ....which is marginal on a good not working so hot. They are there working on it today again but it is averaging
 50 - 58 degrees...
We are shivering like a bunch of skinny little hounds

Hopefully it will get fixed today.

More photos soon.


Did I say it was cold outside...

As They Say... Baby it's cold outside!!

Warm and Green inside the Barn.

We are UN - boxing like mad men....
or should I say, like crazy little Barn girls...
either way... boxes are getting opened

I am just crazy about succulents.

This fabulous Dry Sink would make the best TV stand...
hint, hint.

For me, at the Barn, it has become my potting table...

Grow baby Grow

New clock 
John Walker

I love the blue board background.

fresh printed flower stems

... doesn't it look warm and inviting inside my Barn???


winter wedding

She said, I do.
He said, Forever.

Love is in the air!!

I just saw some pictures of a friends - daughters wedding.
Guys in Black, Bride in white and Brides maids in RED !!
It was so Hot!!

The wedding and reception in an Old Vintage Barn !!!


I threw this table together for a fun Minnesota Winter wedding...

Love is in the air....

glove forms ~ Round Barn style

Every once in a while you find something special.

You don't really know if anyone else is going to find them special, but when it makes me do 
that breath sucking in - thing. 
I know I have to have it. 
I know I have to share it at my Barn.

These fun Mini - Glove forms are in two sizes and Four colors!!!!

White, soft blue, gray and orange.

The taller one is 7.5" and the shorter one about 5" tall

Love them.

I hope to get them on the website soon... if we have any left...

$16 / $24

here are the orange...Fabulous!!!

So fun.
I can't wait to show you more of what is coming in AND what I found at market!!

See you soon.
Stay warm.

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Layer it on. Change it up.

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