Furniture refreshment 101

Good morning.
Another -14 degrees today.
I shouldn't complain. It is -30 in upstate Minnesota
... or as we call it here ... Up North.

What is a girl to do around here BUT PAINT

This is a corner in my living room.

I have this low - primitive table with a barn wood top.
It had been painted just a regular old brown.
I never really noticed it as anything other then a surface to vignette.

I'm sure you all have those tables.
Plain and unnoticeable.  

I used the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.
Odor free
You can slap it on in the middle of winter - with all the windows closed -  with No problems

This color is Apron Strings - freshly mixed. It only sat for about 10 minutes, after mixing, so the coral pigments didn't really have a chance to show themselves. I wanted the Chanel Pink tones to jump out at me.

After the first couple coats dried, I had a tiny bit of paint left so I mixed in some grain sack - which is the color close to white with gray tones (like the color of an old grain sack)

... anyway, it lightened the original color of the Apron strings. 
I spent about 5 seconds dry brushing it on and wha-la 

Actually not done... a topping of furniture wax and then done.

Fabulous little morning project.

If anyone is interested in the classes they are filling up, BUT we have room.

I am telling you - you will fall in love with this paint line.

March 5 - Wed 630 - 8 pm
 March 22 - Sat 9 - 1030 am

In the future we are going to do classes on Sunday afternoon's.

Stay warm and thanks for stopping.

Retailer training - at the ironstone nest

Last week I drove to Madison, with my good friend Linda, to attend a Miss Mustard Seed's - Retailer training workshop.  The workshop was held at the Ironstone Nest and taught by the Lovely, Laura Distin.

We had the best time.
We Learned a ton about this incredible paint line and met some fabulous people.  
We even skiped with Marian... YES,  Marian - Miss Mustard Seed herself !!

Laura's workshop space was fabulous. I was insanely jealous of how well done the room was.  I wanted to buy most of her props / decor ... most she was "not ready to part with"...
Even tho. she was moving out the following week.
Changing locations...
Even for hard cold cash !!
I tried to convince her that things shouldn't sit in storage !!

... a girl has to try - and try I did, but I came home empty handed.

But we did have a blast and left with all the information you would need to use the paint, finishing products and to put on our own workshops.

painting, sanding, oiling, waxing ...
hemp oil resist
wet  sanding
 heat application
3:1 stain
all things that were so exciting and funky techniques we can teach in our advanced level workshop.

the first workshop  ( 101 ) is to teach how to properly mix the paint, how to apply it to what surfaces and what finishing top coat you need.

We stirred and mixed and painted and waxed.
So Fun.

We also ate and drank !!  
I discovered a new favorite beer when we visited Erin's Snub Irish Pub
Sam Adam's - Cold Snap.
Delicious ! 

Here is the lovely Laura 
check out the back wall !!

I am telling you the workshop was a blast.
If you have any interest...
we - Linda and I
are putting on our own workshops at the Barn

Call or email... or even facebook me and I can reserve your spot

the first workshop is March 05
630 - 8 pm
the second is on a Saturday morning
March 22
9 am - 1030 am

we supply the materials and paint

$65 per person

bring your friends 
in the future the workshops will be offered on Sunday afternoons.

See you soon.
Get your paint on !
If you are like Linda and I you will be painting everything in sight. 

Jeanne d'Arc Living ~ 3rd issue 2014

The 3 rd issue just arrived.

French - Nordic design that is over the top.

I am so in the mood for some of these tulips.

Love !

Unfortunately, I only have a couple issues that aren't reserved to go out.

The Walsh wedding

I had posted pictures earlier of the "wedding wall"
The bride requested a little birch and a touch of pink...

a needed to add a touch of sparkle

a touch of glamour...

and a whole lot of vintage love

the day itself was beautiful.
... the only hitch... the flowers were delivered 2 hours late.
The photographer ... not to mention the bride...
were not happy !

But they did arrive, and then a flurry of paper and boxes and pinning commenced and all was back on track. 

The father, Jeff Squires, holding Madame Hallie.
I love this picture... I had to share

the lovely time keepers

we were able to squeeze about 25 white chairs

Ashley and Mike

the shoes

It really was quite magical with all the sparkle and lighting

The Walsh family

Ashley put together this funky hot chocolate bar for guests to enjoy

There you have it.
The first wedding inside my Barn !!

More snow coming today.
47 " so far and they are saying 10 - 16" today

I guess I will start painting... my new Miss mustard seed paint
totally safe with no smell to paint inside
windows closed
even the finishing wax or hemp oil
smells good - no need to open windows

Fabulous !!!

MMS - be inspired

I can't begin to explain to you how much fun I had doing this display.

It is so much more then just lining up bags and jars on a shelf.

to me anyway....
the shelves,
the table top,
the flow of product under the table.. 

adding those special touches...

my little wax mouse


We will be having 2 classes in March
Mark your calendar and call your girl friends.

Wednesday, March 05 :  630 p - 8 pm
Saturday, March 22 nd : 9 am - 1030 am

Marian's Book
You will love this book.

I will have to reorder soon.... 4 left ")

Get your paint on ...
see you soon.

Layer it on. Change it up.

Time for a refresh. Have you ever looked at an area in your house and thought I am done looking at that mess.   Or maybe it's just time...