Furniture refreshment 101

Good morning.
Another -14 degrees today.
I shouldn't complain. It is -30 in upstate Minnesota
... or as we call it here ... Up North.

What is a girl to do around here BUT PAINT

This is a corner in my living room.

I have this low - primitive table with a barn wood top.
It had been painted just a regular old brown.
I never really noticed it as anything other then a surface to vignette.

I'm sure you all have those tables.
Plain and unnoticeable.  

I used the Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.
Odor free
You can slap it on in the middle of winter - with all the windows closed -  with No problems

This color is Apron Strings - freshly mixed. It only sat for about 10 minutes, after mixing, so the coral pigments didn't really have a chance to show themselves. I wanted the Chanel Pink tones to jump out at me.

After the first couple coats dried, I had a tiny bit of paint left so I mixed in some grain sack - which is the color close to white with gray tones (like the color of an old grain sack)

... anyway, it lightened the original color of the Apron strings. 
I spent about 5 seconds dry brushing it on and wha-la 

Actually not done... a topping of furniture wax and then done.

Fabulous little morning project.

If anyone is interested in the classes they are filling up, BUT we have room.

I am telling you - you will fall in love with this paint line.

March 5 - Wed 630 - 8 pm
 March 22 - Sat 9 - 1030 am

In the future we are going to do classes on Sunday afternoon's.

Stay warm and thanks for stopping.

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LOVE it!!! Your blog posts are always soooo inspiring. You will never know how much I appreciate them:)
~Debra xxx
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