MMS - The set up

 I have Ordered this full line of paint and
finishing products.  As you know, I have been
spouting off about the Miss Mustard seed Milk Paint
for days now.

So excited !!

The first step... where will it be housed.
I had a huge amount of paint coming and I needed to clean up...
... A very large, open area is what I needed.

I found the perfect display piece... buried about 5 layers deep with 
3 pieces of furniture in front of it.

It took me a day to find homes for all the product... the couch 
and the small tables that were layered in front
 of this gorgeous display piece. 

The large table below was also needed.

Now the fun part... lets paint her up

I used MMS dried lavender on the inside and Linen on the outside

the harvest table, now finally cleaned off...
was ready to paint

couldn't help myself...
when I left for the day, I couldn't leave the shelves empty...
I had to vignette...
just a little

have I told you I love this paint.
I used the hemp oil on the shelves.

It is a little different then the average canned latex paint.
I would definitely recommend a class or two. 

dried lavender

Artissimo... the closest to dark navy

I applied the Artissimo on the bottom of the table.
It looks black in this photo.
It really is a beautiful Navy blue.
I only applied one coat and it used less then 4 Tablespoons of paint

the table top is shutter gray, also one coat.
I had some left-over artissimo so I had fun splashing

Furniture wax is the top treatment

the door will be great for our signage for the upcoming classes.

... and now to lift the display shelving unit on top of the table.

Thank God for Kate, who was working with me that day.
1. 2. 3. lift

We did it...
 and it is exactly how I imagined it would look.
We are ready!
Bring on the product

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